WFH Stress Relief How to stay relaxed at home

For many of us, it looks like this working from home thing is here to stay. And while that comes with some pretty great perks (goodbye commute and hello full-time yoga pants), we get that it can be stressful too. From the kids needing your attention to the invasion of work/life separation, working from home has its own set of challenges.

So with that in mind, here are four easy way to find work from home stress relief—so you can stay calm the next time your dog barks in the middle of your zoom presentation.

Tip #1: Step Away

Most of us are feeling the pressure to be available, like, all the time right now. But give yourself the freedom to step away from the desk and take a breather. Take a quick five to walk the dog or even just take a walk around the living room. Set a goal time to end the day so you can focus on life outside of work, even if it’s just watching your favorite show.

Tip #2: Get Fresh Air

Another weird part of working from home is that sometimes you spend a whole day without even going outside. But we shouldn’t be skipping the fresh air because studies show it has all kinds of health benefits. It can give you more energy and mental focus, as well lower your blood pressure and heart rate. Everything that helps with work from home stress relief!

Tip #3: Slack Your Coworker

And we don’t mean to follow up on the email you sent. While you might still be talking to your coworkers all the time about work stuff, we’re losing the connections of sharing our favorite new Instant Pot recipe or a funny story about the kids. Bring back the human interactions of office life by slacking your coworker just to say hey.

Tip #4: Chair Yoga

I mean, might as well put the yoga pants we’re wearing to use. Take care of your back with a few rounds of cat-cow in your chair. Start by sitting up straight with your hands palm down on your legs. Then arch your back as you breathe in, with your elbows pointing back. Next, draw your belly button in as you round your back and tuck your chin, extending your elbows out. Keep it going for a few rounds!