What To Toss When Moving 9 items to donate or purge

Getting ready to move? While it’s always exciting to start a new chapter, it’s also an extremely busy time with a long list of things to do. So when it comes to packing, you might be tempted to just throw everything in the moving truck and think about it later—but not so fast.

This is exactly when you should assess your belongings, and take the opportunity to start fresh. And as it turns out, there’s a common list of items that are better left behind. Here, we’ll tell you just what to toss when moving.

Area Rugs

Unless your area rug is a recent purchase, we have some news for you—better leave it behind. The carpet fibers can hold dirt and dust that you can’t see or vacuum, so we prefer to start clean in the new place. The upside is there are loads of inexpensive options available these days, and even better, this simple switch can update your entire look.

Glasses and Mugs

What is it about glassware and mugs that seem to multiply over the years? From holiday gifts to freebies and souvenirs, our cabinets tend to become a storage unit for a mismatch of drinkware. We say donate anything that isn’t part of a set, and follow the quality over quantity rule here.


It might be time to admit that you’re probably never going use the zucchini spiralizer, or squeeze your own orange juice every morning. Ask your budding chef friends what they might want, and donate the rest so you can free up your future kitchen cabinets even more.

Home Décor

It’s really easy to move something without really looking at it, and home accents are one of the most common items here. But the reality is your taste changes over the years, and that seashell wall clock might not be your thing anymore. We suggest channeling your inner Marie Kondo here and donate any decorative item that doesn’t bring you joy. We promise, it’s going to feel amazing to start on a fresh décor foot in your new home.

Linens and Towels

Second only to glassware, linens and towels are the kind of thing that tend to pile up over the years. And while it’s great to have some backup in both areas, there is absolutely such a thing as too much. Evaluate what you really need, and donate the rest to an animal shelter—they are always in need of those items.


So about that lipstick shade that just didn’t really work. Or those samples that you can’t remember if you got three months or three years ago. Now is the time to let them all go, and give your makeup drawer room to breathe. And in this case, it’s better just to toss them rather than donating.


Another big item on the what to toss when moving list. This might be something you do regularly anyway, but packing is an especially great opportunity to go through your wardrobe. Ask yourself which items make you feel really great, and donate the rest.

Old Furniture

Most of us start our first home with hand-me-down furniture that tends to stick around over the years. And while these pieces can serve great function, it’s always a good idea to see what’s ready for an upgrade during a move. There’s no point in moving heavy pieces of furniture that aren’t in great shape, or that you simply don’t love.

Anything You Forgot You Had

If you didn’t even remember you had it, then you definitely don’t need it. Set aside a few donate boxes as you pack, and anything that makes you say “I totally forgot I had this” goes in those boxes.

We totally understand it can be hard to let go, but the feeling of starting out in your new home without clutter or things you don’t really love will override any lingering hesitation. And with that, we’ll leave you with some final bonus motivation about what to toss when moving: The less you pack, the faster the unpacking will go.