Wendy youth collection

[dropcap custom_class=”normal”]One look at the new Wendy collection by Wendy Bellissimo, and it’s immediately clear why this talented mother of four is today’s most sought-after youth furniture designer. Offering a refreshingly sophisticated take on youth furniture, her signature look is punctuated with whimsical details and purposeful function. With an impressive list of celebrity clients under her design belt, we were thrilled at the opportunity to ask Wendy a few questions about her impressive career.[/dropcap]

Wendy’s passion for design began with her family’s furniture store in Connecticut, and she was raised with the sentiment that the home should come first. After living abroad and finally settling in California, Wendy developed the ability to create collections that capture a distinct feel, yet offer flexibility and longevity. This is the core of her creative process, stating “I like to be able to take a piece from a collection and know I can blend it with different things. It’s knowing how to walk that line.”

One of the few designers to view youth furniture as an extension of the rest of the home, the Wendy collection walks that design line with simple perfection. Both comfortably chic and full of function, it’s an effortless combination of, as Wendy puts it, “special pieces to fall in love with that also do a job at the same time.” One standout piece in the collection is the door chest (a personal favorite of her own children), which offers shelving, drawers, jewelry storage, and a full length mirror in one enchanting package.

Crediting the most rewarding part of her career as giving people of all ages a place they love coming home to, the beauty of a Wendy Bellissimo piece is that provides the foundation for personalized creativity and lasting traditions.