Recliners, Reclining Sofas & Chairs

Reclining living room furniture provides the ultimate in comfort. The perfect addition to a family room or the man cave, reclining furniture comes in a variety of styles and sizes. Recliners offer the best comfort for sitting, sleeping, reading, relaxing, whatever activities you commonly do in your living room.

Things to consider when purchasing reclining furniture Reclining furniture works best when paired with low carpets or hard floors like tile or wood because the height of shaggy carpets or thick rugs may hinder the normal operation of the recliners. Remember that your reclining furniture will have a lever on the outside of both seats to activate the reclining action.

sectional recliner

Reclining Loveseats

Perfect for two, recliner loveseats are the ideal combination of practical, compact seating and the comfort of chaise lounges. Reclining loveseats come in both power and manual. Leather and microfiber loveseats recliners are available online and in stores.

sectional recliner

Sectional Recliners

Recliner sectionals offer ample seating space and several reclining seats, eliminating the need for an ottoman for each sitting position. Recliner sectionals allow the whole family to sit cozily together on one piece of furniture, great for a family movie night.

sectional recliner

Reclining Sofas

A recliner sofa brings all the comforts of a great sofa and combines them with the horizontal comfort of a chaise lounge. Whether you are buying one for the first time or have enjoyed one for years, there’s always a great feeling about kicking back and resting your weary legs on a nice recliner.

leather recliner


The recliner has always been regarded as the best seat in the house – it’s the most comfortable and the easiest place to take a quick nap or start a good book.

power recliner

Power Recliners

You can also opt for power reclining furniture. These power recliners feature a motor that activates the reclining action. Some even have extra features, such as massagers. Power recliners are available in leather and microfiber. Leathaire is microfiber with the appearance of leather.

rocking recliner

Rocker Recliners

Rocker recliners combine the benefits of a traditional rocking chair with the modern comforts of a power recliner.