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Our biggest game-changing tip.

Struggling to find the best dining for your space? We know all too well just how tricky it can be. From fitting your entertaining needs to finding just the right style, it can sometimes feel like mission impossible.


But we do have one little game-changing tip: Choose your table and chairs separately. If it sounds too simple, that’s because it is! While most of us are programmed to choose a predetermined dining set, you’ll have a much easier time by mixing and matching what works for you.


And with that, we’re sharing inspiration on dining and chair pairings that offer a custom touch.


For the Casual Host:



Do you have a large family or entertain often? Then a rectangular table with a removeable leaf is the perfect solution. Rectangular tables will seat more guests than a round table, and the leaf allows you to expand even more.


As for the style factor, the light finish offers a casual feel that’s still perfectly put together. We paired them with wingback chairs to finish the relaxed chic vibe, but the real beauty is that this table goes with pretty much any type of chair.


For the Small Space Dweller:



Round tables are the answer to almost every small space dining need. They’re compact and leave plenty of walking space around the sides, meaning you can squeeze one in pretty much anywhere. Plus, we’ll give them extra bonus points for keeping everyone engaged in the same dinner conversation.


Using the same finish as the above table, we captured that same rustic look. Only this time, we switched things up with a tufted chair to add a little more charm.


For the Fancy Feaster:


Now we already know the drill with table size, so this combo is really about showing off what a different finish option can do. By going with a darker shade of brown, the whole look feels more formal and refined. The beige chairs in a velvety upholstery offer a neutral color palette that totally elevates the look.


For the VIP Crowd:


Love a small, but fancy, dinner crowd? Then reserve your seat at this table and chair combo. The round table keeps things intimate, and the chair choice is ultra-sophisticated. With the sweeping apron, crisp tailoring, and diamond tufting, this updated take on an armchair makes everyone feel special


For the Drama Lover:



Ready to turn heads? Then bring on our most dramatic look. The stunning black finish sets a glam mood, which can also be styled in a more modern direction. Though in this particular case, we opted for the feminine skirted chairs. The crisp white fabric looks extra-striking against the dark wood, offering a total feast for the eyes.


For Everyone Else:


Just pick what you love! When you take the approach of choosing your table and chairs separately, the combination options are limitless. The most important thing is to let the function you need guide your size, and let your personal style guide your design!