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Throw pillows are so much more than just extra pillows on your sectional, sofa or favorite chair. Perfect in your living room, guest suite or master bedroom, decorative pillows are an excellent way for you to add texture, color and style to your favorite room in the house. At City Furniture, we fully understand the importance of choosing accent pillows that truly work in your space. This is an easy way to upgrade your space without overspending on pricy home accents. Are you ready to give your home décor a stunning makeover?

Frequently Asked Questions

What size throw pillows should I get?

The size of the couch pillows that you choose is extremely important. The last thing you want to do is have a bunch of pillows that you need to toss on the floor or move to another couch in order to get comfortable. Ideally, the pillows that you choose won’t be too bulky and will allow you to decorate freely.

Do my accent pillows have to match?

No, you can be as free and eccentric as you want when it comes to adding decorative throw pillows in your home. Feel free to mix blue throw pillows with red ones or combine plain, neutral colored pillows with ones covered in intricate prints. No matter your taste, accent pillows give you a chance to be bold and redefine the style in your home.

How many accent pillows should do I need?

Deciding on how many sofa pillows to buy can be tricky. While this is often a matter of preference, there are a few common arrangements that you may like. For a loveseat, you can add four pillows total, two on each side. It’s best to stagger the pillows with a bigger one in back and a smaller one in front on each side. You can also opt to use a three pillow arrangement where you place the pillows at the center of the sofa with a large accent pillow at the center and two equally sized smaller ones at each side. With a really large sectional, you can add as many as 6-7 pillows. Just remember to add some on each side and at least one at the center to create symmetry.

Whether you’re looking for affordable throw pillows that fall within your budget or your dream decorative bed pillows, we’ll see to it that you find exactly what you’re looking for. By providing customers with accent pillows for couch lovers that you won’t find anywhere else, we make it easy for you to decorate with utmost confidence.