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Décor is an important part of any room, and the nursery decor or kids room decor is no exception. Once you have the basics ready, like the bed and dresser, the right accessories will transform the room into an inviting and imaginative space. CITY Furniture carries a wide assortment of options for all youth ages, and it all comes at great prices to keep your room makeover on budget.


Wall art: We love fun wall art as part of any boys or girls room decor. And from bold colors to fun patterns and inspirational word art, we have plenty of choices that any child will love. For the nursery wall decor, consider wall decals, which easily peel and stick right to the wall.


Bookcases: This go-to kids room accent furniture serves so many purposes. Besides holding books, it offers easy-access storage to toys and games while keeping the room organized. Use a bookcase as part of the baby room decor to hold wipes and diapers.


Table and chairs: Kid-size table and chairs are a useful add to any girls or boys room decor. The mini size is made just for them so they won’t take up too much space, and it offers an easy place for arts and crafts or homework time.


Area rugs: We know kids love to stretch out and play on the floor, so area rugs will give them a soft spot to land. We have bright colors to match any boys or girls bedroom decor, in a variety of sizes, patterns, and weaves.