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At City Furniture, we know just how important your home office space is. It is where you conduct video calls with colleagues, work on time sensitive projects and commit yourself to your creative endeavors. Consequently, it is essential that your space is as organized and comfortable as possible. A bookcase is a wonderful storage solution that can help make your home office space more stylish and clutter-free. Let’s take a deeper dive into some of the things you should know when shopping for a bookcase.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of bookcases?

A corner bookcase is one of the most popular types of bookcases. This is a traditional bookcase that’s placed in the corner of the room and allows you to maximize the space in your home office. You can also opt for a wall shelving bookcase setup. This is a modular bookcase of sorts that allows you to dictate how many shelves you need. This narrow bookcase design is perfect for smaller spaces. A cube bookcase is another well-known option that you may like. These bookcases feature square shelves that stack on top of each other and can often include sliding drawer space. Lastly, there’s the etagere style bookcase. We carry quite a few of these here at City Furniture. They feature open space and are perfect for displaying books and other home accents.

What material is best?

When most people think about bookcases, they automatically think about a solid wood bookcase. Wood bookcases are durable and add a certain level of refined style to a room. However, you do have other options. If you have a modern home and you want your office space to follow suit, a metal bookcase is an excellent choice. If you’re thinking about a bookcase with doors, try a combination of metal and glass for a sleek modern look that family and friends will love too.

Do I really need a bookcase?

Yes, a bookcase is an excellent storage option that helps you eliminate clutter and keep your home office organized. Additionally, it helps put the finishing touch on a room and show your decorating skills. Whether you go for a white bookcase that lightens up a room with dark office furniture or a chic bookcase with glass doors to showcase your favorite home accents, you’ll certainly be happy with this purchase.