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Hadlow Gray 84" Rectangular Table

Hadlow Gray 84" Rectangular Table

$1,499.95$799.9546% OFF
Nantucket White Round Table

Nantucket White Round Table

$699.95$599.9514% OFF
Madden Light Tone Table

Madden Light Tone Table

$1,199.95$999.9516% OFF


Everyone deserves a seat at the table. When it comes to your kitchen table, make sure it is a comfortable and stylish seat. Here at City Furniture, our wide selection of dining room tables gives you the flexibility to choose the one that’s perfect for you and your home. Whether you’re searching for a farmhouse table that’s large enough for your entire family or a glass top dining table to finalize your modern space, you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re searching for here. Here are some things that you should consider when shopping for the perfect dinner table.

Size Matters

With so many dining room tables sets for you to choose from, settling on the right one can be challenging. By focusing on size first, you can eliminate many options and narrow your search field. Be sure to measure the size of your dining room area before you shop. The last thing you want is a table that sticks out too far into the hallway or has to be forced up against a kitchen cabinet to work. So while you may have your heart set on a round dining table, maybe a square one would work better based on the setup of your home. If you’re someone who lives alone and rarely have guests, a small dining room table makes sense. However, if you have a big family or you’re someone who loves to host dinner parties, one of our larger kitchen and dining room tables would be right for you. Try to filter your search to tables that seat 7-10 people.

Don’t Compromise Style

Remember, your dining room table is the focal point of the room. So, it’s important to choose one that matches your style and décor flawlessly. Are you looking for a wooden table that matches your rustic flair? Or are you more interested in a modern dining table with clean lines and stainless-steel accents? No matter your taste, remember to choose confidently. From a farmhouse dining table with a removable leaf to a modern white dining table with pewter accents, we give you the power to choose one that’s right for you.

Your dining room table is where memories are made. City Furniture is proud to offer some of the best options at affordable prices.