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CITY Moves


CITY Moves

You're going places. Let us help you get there. 

Why Move With Us

One Company

Need help furnishing your new home? We’ll coordinate your move and new furniture delivery on the same day.

Most Qualified

Our in-house team is specially trained to handle all types of furniture and treat your belongings with care.


CITY is known for having great values. We applied this same philosophy to our moving services.
Enjoy a FREE MOVE on us!

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What We Do



Schedule a free virtual estimate. Ask our team about coordinating design services and same-day furniture delivery for your new home too.


Make your move even easier with packing and unpacking services, plus disassembly and reassembly of furniture.


Our own team of reliable and trained professionals will keep your moving day on schedule and safe.

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Why should I use CITY Moves?


There are many benefits to using CITY Moves:


We are 25%-33% more affordable, on average, compared to other moving companies.


If you purchase over $5K of merchandise, we will move you for free! (upon proof of receipt/moves value up to $1500)


If you already own CITY Furniture products, there is no one more qualified to handle your furniture than CITY Moves.


CITY Moves technicians are full-time CITY employees who are selected based on their outstanding work ethic and guest service skills to ensure our guest receive the utmost care and attention to detail for a stress free moving experience


Is CITY Moves free?

The CITY Furniture "Free Moves" Promotion offers qualifying customers a discount of up to $1,500 off moving costs with CITY Moves service for purchases totaling $5,000 or more within a 30-day period. Qualifying moves must start and finish on the same day within a 12-hour period, completed within six months from the purchase date, and customers must pay any remaining balance exceeding the discount. The offer is subject to CITY Furniture's determination of moving costs, and customers must adhere to terms outlined in the CITY Moves service contract, with restrictions and blackout dates applicable.

What is your service area?

​We match our delivery coverage areas and serve South Florida, Ocoee, and Plant City markets. ​

Are you licensed and insured?

CITY Moves is a service provided by CITY Furniture. CITY Furniture, Inc. is registered and licensed with the State of Florida and DOT. CITY is fully insured to provide moving services.

Do I need to seek my own insurance?

CITY Furniture offers insurance in accordance with the legal requirements. You also have the option to choose additional insurance through a third party provider.

How much will my move cost?

The cost of your move is based on total trip miles, travel time, labor hours and packing supplies, if needed. Mileage and labor hours are from portal to portal. If you are interested in a move, we conduct a free estimate and provide you with an invoice that clearly outlines your moving costs, so you can make accurate financial plans for your move. The cost of our moves are about 25% cheaper than other providers in the South Florida market. Moves start at $174 an hour, not including mileage or supplies. 

Do moving costs change the day of the move?

No. Moving costs will only change the day of the move if you request a change. For example, an additional stop is added, more supplies are needed or there are changes to the original inventory list.​

Are the movers associates of CITY Furniture?

Yes, they are the same professional service techs that deliver our furniture every day. They have received additional training for conducting professional and safe home moves.

Is there anything you can't move?

We cannot transport hazardous materials such as acids, aerosols, ammonia, ammunition, car batteries, charcoal, charcoal lighter fluid, chemistry sets, cleaning solvents, darkroom chemicals, fertilizer, fire extinguisher, fireworks, gasoline, household batteries, kerosene, lamp oil, liquid bleach, matches, motor oil, nail polish, paint thinner, paints, pesticides, poisons, pool chemicals, propane tanks, reloading supplies, SCUBA tanks, Sterno, and weed killer. Also, no guns, weapons, explosives, or ammunition of any kind. We cannot transport agricultural goods either, such as plants (both indoor and outdoor), plant products, hay, straw, peat moss etc. Similarly, Drugs and narcotics are expressly prohibited. We do not move religious objects.

What if I want to pack myself?

Not a problem. Packing services are optional. However, if you choose to pack your items yourself, you will need to complete packing prior to the movers arriving, which includes sealing everything in boxes and marking accordingly. You will be responsible for securing self-packed items safely for the move. CITY will not be responsible for damage to self-packed items that are not properly secured.

Do I get a deal if I buy new furniture from CITY and select your moving service too?

If you purchase over $5K of merchandise, we will move you for free! (upon proof of receipt/moves value up to $1500)​

Will CITY Moves disconnect my chandelier?

No. You will be responsible for having an electrician remove all lighting and appliances. You will also be responsible for all re-installation of electronics, appliances and lighting.

Will CITY Moves dismount my TV?

Yes, CITY Moves can dismount your TV.

Is assembly and disassembly of furniture included in my move?

Basic assembly and disassembly for standard household items, such as beds or table legs, is included. For items requiring more complex assembly or disassembly, such as ready-to-assemble (RTA) items, please arrange services with another company. CITY Furniture, Inc. can assist in the research of locating a specialty company that can provide the service.


What forms of payment do you accept?

CITY Furniture accepts Cash, Visa/MC or American Express, or a CITY label credit card.

What is your cancelation policy?

Cancellations within 48 hours of your scheduled start time are subject to a $200.00 cancellation fee, unless rescheduled within 20 days of cancellation. Dates are subject to availability.

CITY Moves

Looking for movers near you for your upcoming relocation? Look no further! Whether you need something new or need help moving to your new location, CITY Furniture is here to provide the resources and expertise to make your transition to your new home as seamless as possible. Take a look at our keys to making your move a stress-free success.


Hire Expert Help

Whether you are looking for specialty services, or simply looking for reputable local movers, CITY furniture has you covered. Moving is challenging and stressful for everyone, so do yourself and your peace of mind a favor and get some help. Not only will it reduce the burden on you and your family during this time of transition, but it will keep your possessions safe during your move. Furniture movers are typically more efficient as well, allowing you to spend less time moving and more time getting your new life in your new home unpacked!


Pack With a Purpose

One of the most difficult and time-consuming parts of any move is the packing process. Make sure to get the proper moving equipment, have the right tape, use new boxes. Although tempting to cut corners and use old boxes or supplies you have, you will save time and money when your possessions make it to your new home in one piece. For extra insurance, consider hiring a company that has movers and packers, like CITY Furniture to streamline your moving process. 


In This Case, We’re Into Labels

Regardless of if your move is long-distance or local, labeling your possessions accurately will save you time and angst on the tail end of your move. Be sure and use new boxes so that you do not have writing from prior moves confusing you when you arrive at your new home. Also, when moving expensive electronics, consider generic, room based, labels instead of specific ones so that your more expensive possessions do not attract unwanted attention. If you are using local movers near you, proper labeling will give you extra comfort that your boxes will end up in the correct rooms so that you can unpacked with ease and get on to more important tasks.

Florida Moving Registration Number: IM3320, Broward County # MV-10023