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Make a chic impact by blending grey and beige.

Okay, so we’re probably all familiar with the idea of neutrals. There’s the beige family, and then there’s the gray family. And for as long as we can remember, there’s always been a rule that you have to use one or the other. Not both. Until now, that is. We’re here to show you how to mix neutrals—and that it actually looks pretty amazing.


Of course, there’s a few tricks to getting it right, which we found when styling our own gray and beige living room. And we’re happy to share everything we discovered about blending these warm and cool tones with perfect harmony.




Beige is considered a warm tone, while gray is a cool. And the number one rule to mixing them is using an even blend of both. Otherwise, it could just look like an accident if you use mostly beige and then just one or two gray pieces (or vice versa).




All colors have different tones and variations, and neutrals are no different. So with that in mind, switch up your shades throughout the room. See how we used a darker beige shade on the blinds, while keeping the wall art fresh and light.



Another way to keep things interesting is to mix up your materials—and this applies to neutrals in general. We love how this coffee table pulls in some marble elements, which makes an eye-catching pair to the jute rug.




If you noticed a theme, then you’re onto us. The only real risk of decorating with neutrals is the look feeling one dimensional, so you can (literally) avoid this by creating layers. Whether it’s overlapping two area rugs, or piling on the pillows like we did here, it’s all about creating a little depth.




You never want a theme that tries to do too much, so save lots of prints for the next one. Instead, let the décor and furniture speak for itself. An accent pillow with a tonal design is the perfect example.




Again, if the theme of your room is mixing neutrals, the concept will get lost if you pull in more colors. Keep everything in the beige or gray family, right down to the accessories like candles and tabletop décor.




Okay, there is one color that goes with everything, and only when it comes in plant form. Adding a pop of greenery always adds a refreshing touch!  And that’s all it takes to living in your perfectly blended neutral territory. Learning how to mix neutrals is easier than you think—all it takes is a few simple tips!