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When you care for the community, you enrich yourself.

It’s the little things in life that make all the difference. Like socks. When a homeless man spends the night in a shelter, showers, and gets ready to go back on the street, he puts on his old, worn clothes again, including dirty socks that are full of holes.

“Give a homeless man a new pair of socks and you help restore his dignity,” Brother Bob of Camillus House said to Jimmy Torres one day. Jimmy thought for a few seconds, realized that he could easily get in touch with fifteen hundred associates at City Furniture through a single e-mail, and announced to Brother Bob, “Okay, we’re going to get you socks!”

Jimmy knew that if he went to Keith Koenig, Keith would have no problem writing out a check. But he wanted all the people of City Furniture to take part and to realize what power each of them had to bring about positive change. He also knew that there would be no words to describe the sense of accomplishment everyone would feel once they had achieved their goal. Jimmy thought
he was being ambitious shooting for 10,000 socks.

Within six weeks the associates at City Furniture had collected 16,000 socks! They were handed over to Camillus House by two of City Furniture’s associates, who in previous hard times had cause to stay at Camillus House themselves.

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