CITY Furniture | Breast Cancer Awareness
A tribute, a mission, and a movement to end breast cancer.

The Pink Pumpkins Story

The Pink Pumpkins got their start with Doreen Koenig, who we like to call our CITY mom. Doreen was always known for her philanthropy, and one of her biggest causes was ending breast cancer. Every year before Halloween she would give out pink pumpkin buckets, as her special way to fill the community with the color of hope.
When Doreen ultimately got diagnosed with breast cancer and lost her brave battle in 2015, the Pink Pumpkins took on even more meaning. They grew to become the CITY symbol of awareness, our mission to take action and raise funds, and our loving tribute to Doreen and all those affected.
When you see a Pink Pumpkin bucket in our showrooms this October, help yourself and join us in spreading awareness.

The American Cancer Society tells us that the need for awareness is critical. Breast cancer screening rates have gone down by 87% throughout the course of the pandemic. Your support this October will help us to drive awareness, and support those impacted by breast cancer.