CITY Furniture | 2040 Green Promise
We are working to go carbon neutral by the year 2040

2040 Green Promise

We are working to go carbon neutral by the year 2040

Our goal is to offset our carbon footprint by making the right choices today. It’s a three-part journey that involves our green delivery fleet, smart facilities, and large-scale recycling efforts. Because no home is more important than our planet.

Showrooms & Facilities

460,000 sq. ft.

We have the most furniture retail space certified as Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design in the USA.


#1 Fleet in America

Our fleet is the greenest in the USA, with 100% of our trucks using Natural Gas and we are starting our transition to Renewable Natural Gas this year.



We recycle 98% of all operational waste using our own state-of-the-art recycling center.


Showrooms & Facilities

Building a Better Way

What We're Doing Now
Good design isn’t just for our furniture. We have eight LEED-certified showrooms, which stands for Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design. Using building control systems, we’ve actually reduced our total electric use while adding more showroom space.
Where We're Going
By 2040, our plan is to run nearly all showrooms on renewable energy, which will offset our electric use and help achieve our goal of carbon neutrality.
"We are doing so many great things. And we have lots of ways we want to get even better, but I’m proud to say that City Furniture is already way ahead of the curve."
- Ian Peshel, Managing Director of Facilities


Forward Driving

What We're Doing Now
We make thousands of deliveries every year, so every mile we drive matters. To reduce our impact, we converted our entire delivery truck fleet to run on natural gas.
Where We're Going
Clean skies are ahead. By 2040, our delivery fleet will be carbon neutral, running on natural gas and electric trucks powered by renewable energy. We’ll also use Tesla semi-trucks to transport our shipments to each warehouse.
#1 in CNG

#1 in CNG

Largest fleet in our industry to run on compressed natural gas (CNG).
Less Emissions

Less Emissions

Equivalent of taking 182 passenger cars off the road every year.
5 Teslas

5 Teslas

We have five electric Tesla semi-trucks and one electric yard spotter special ordered.
"When it comes to being 'green' we can't just talk about it. We have to be about it. We have to take action."
- David Clevenger, Managing Director of Fleet and DC Maintenance


Reducing Our Impact

What We’re Doing Now
It’s always been our mission to make the world a better place. So, we built a state-of-the-art recycling center in our warehouse to recycle almost everything that comes through the doors. That equals over 8 million pounds of waste kept out of landfills every year.
Where We’re Going
And as we move towards 2040, we’re looking to close that gap to 100%. We’re also making big operational changes, which includes switching to electric equipment, adding solar charging stations, and replacing acid batteries with eco-friendly lithium ion batteries.

7.9 Million

pounds of cardboard are sent to a local paper recycling mill.


pounds of plastic are recycled and repurposed into goods.


of our showrooms have mixed-use recycling dumpsters.

2.4 Million

In 2021, we kept 2.4 million pounds of furniture out of landfills through our donations to Habitat for Humanity.
“As a family-owned company, we need to treat Mother Nature like family too. That means protecting the planet at every possible level.”
- Will Conway, Sr. Vice President Operations



We joined FPL’s SolarTogether program, helping to advance solar energy in Florida. Currently, we subscribe to 500kW of solar power, which is the equivalent of powering three of our showrooms.


Additionally, our new Plant City distribution center is opening this year. With 50 percent of the building powered by a 2.35MW Solar Power PV System, it is projected to become one of the ten largest privately-owned projects in the state.


Awards & Recognitions

Ocoee Showroom Warehouse
Energy efficiency award 2019

We started participating in Energy Star’s Portfolio manager system. In 2021 we qualified 8 showrooms for Certification under the program based on enhanced energy efficiency and performance. We will be adding more showrooms in 2021.

NAFA Green Fleet Award
CITY is the proud recipient of NAFA’s 2021 Green Fleet Award as #1 in the country. This award is a significant milestone in our company’s 2040 Green Promise. NAFA Fleet Management Association is the country’s leading entity in providing certification, education, advocacy, and peer networking programs for the fleet industry.

Where We’re Going
We first took this award home in 2017, honored by the Southeast Diesel Collaborative for reducing diesel emissions. Recognized as an industry leader, the award is for those who demonstrate outstanding leadership using proactive measures.

Clean Cities Coalition Awards
Part of the U.S. Department of Energy, the Clean Cities Coalition works to reduce the nation’s dependence on imported oil. In 2014, City Furniture was honored for laying the groundwork through our American-produced compressed natural gas.

Sustainable Wood Furnishings Council
We have been a Top Scorer since 2020 on the Wood Furniture Scorecard. Released by the Sustainable Furnishings Council in partnership with the National Wildlife Federation, the award is nod to our responsible wood sourcing.

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