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The all-in-one home decor piece.

One of our favorite qualities in furniture is multi-function, and that’s exactly why the accent pouf is topping our love list. This do-it-all home accent packs so much use into one space-saving package—and they come in the most adorable colors and patterns.


So if you thought poufs were just a cute place to rest your feet, then read on for accent pouf ideas. You might just want to put one in every room!


Chair Pouf



This one might seem obvious, but have you explored all the different ways you can use a pouf as a chair? Sure, we already know it’s clutch in the living room when you have friends over. But it can also work just as beautifully as your work desk or vanity chair. Plus, it can slide right under the table when not in use, so it’s great for small spaces.


We recommend using a faux fur for this purpose, as the cozy texture will make a comfy seat.


Bed Bench Pouf




There’s something about one of those benches at the end of the bed that make the room feel polished. But who really has room for an entire bench in their bedroom? Enter, the bed bench pouf. It’s the perfect spot to sit down and put your shoes on, rest a blanket, or do pretty much anything a traditional bench does—only this one takes up much less space.


We recommend using anything with structure for this purpose, and whatever height matches the profile of your bed.


Accent Table Pouf



Can you think of any other furniture that can double as a chair and a table? Just throw a tray on your pouf, and just like that, you have a creative end table. You can cozy this up next to the sofa, or just your favorite accent chair, and keep drinks and books within arm’s reach.

We recommend using anything with a non-cushioned, flat top for this purpose, plus enough height to match the furniture.


Ottoman Pouf



Of course, some days you want to just come home and kick up your feet. Good thing poufs work wonders as an ottoman. One of the more common uses for this versatile little wonder, sometimes you just can’t beat the classics.


We recommend using anything that matches your ideal foot resting height, and other than that, it just has to match the décor.


But why stop there? These are a few of our favorite accent pouf ideas, but the list goes on below. There are so many ways to use this versatile piece of furniture to add style to the home. What do you have to add?


- Add a pop of color

- Add dimension to your décor

- Dress up an empty corner

- Hold purses by the front door