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Scott Living by Restonic Mattresses

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Claim your right to a better sleep. Using the best materials and patented construction, Scott Living mattresses are assembled by hand, with hours of craftsmanship invested into each one.

Mattress Types



Traditional design offers the most bounce using a grid of steel spring coils that adjust to every move.



A coil foundation is topped with one or more layers of foam for medium bounce and conforming support.

Scott Living by Restonic

CITY Sleep is your one-stop shop for all mattress and bedding needs. CITY Furniture knows the importance of getting great sleep, as well as the need to find everything you want with ease. One of the ways we make that easy is by offering you all the top mattress brands. This gives you the freedom to make the choice that works best for you, including all the leading names in sleep, like Scott Living Mattresses by Restonic.


From the same brothers that brought you Scott Living Furniture, this line of mattresses is born out of a partnership with the Restonic brand. Each mattress is actually assembled by hand, using only the finest materials and their own patented construction. That pain-staking process takes hours, using careful craftsmanship to build the most high-quality product. The result is a mattress that is healthy, comfortable, and delivers refreshing sleep. It’s all inspired by the brothers’ passion for home, family, and quality. They know that in order to be your best self, you need the best mattress to get the best sleep. To bring Scott Living into your home is treating yourself to a better morning.


You might know the Restonic name, as it’s been around since 1938. They are best known for their comfort care mattress, which is an award-winning design. Few mattresses have received as many rave reviews as the trusted brand, contributing to endless nights of good sleep across the country.


That’s just one of the many reasons we added the brand to our CITY Sleep mattress gallery. Be sure to stop by a mattress gallery to test one in person, or shop online to find your best fit. All of our mattresses ship free every single day, and we offer an exclusive line of pillows, sheets, comforters, and duvets to build your complete bed.