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We're palnting a tree for each piece sold.

We’ve always been focused on happy, healthy homes. It’s been our mission since we opened our doors, and today we’re working towards a carbon neutral future through our 2040 Green Promise. We know that making choices to protect our planet is the only way to preserve the home we all share.


That’s why we’re also adding more and more green offerings, like our eco-friendly Seattle collection. The comfortably rustic design is comprised of dining, bedroom, and living room pieces that add a natural warmth to the home. Though it’s safe to say that Seattle’s most beautiful quality is that it’s wholly designed with our environment in mind.


FSC Certified Wood



Seattle is made from 100% reclaimed wood that’s certified from the Forest Stewardship Council, known as FSC-certified wood. That means it’s sourced from forests that are managed according to the FSC’s rigorous social and environmental standards. FSC-certified furniture has a trickle-down effect on everything, from the animals that live in the forests to the air we breathe.


Arbor Day Foundation Partnership



Additionally, we’ve partnered with the Arbor Day Foundation to plant a tree for every piece sold from the collection. This includes any item from a king-sized bed to a living room end table. We’re also looking out for our own backyard, working with Arbor Day to plant additional trees throughout Florida.


Water-Based, Low VOC Dyes



And now, for the finishing touch—literally. Seattle is covered with a water-based, low VOC dye that brings out the wood grain and casual character. The benefit is fewer toxic chemicals released into the air and our water supplies.


We’re also packing Seattle in an eco-friendly way, using what’s called “honeycomb” packaging. These are lightweight, renewable materials that use less fuel during shipment.


Ultimately, it’s about leaving the world a better place than how we found it, and FSC certified furniture is just one example. Learn about how we’re working towards a carbon neutral future through our 2040 Green Promise.