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Furniture Size Guide


Furniture Size Guide

When it comes to buying furniture, it’s not just about picking the right trend or best color—shoppers also need to consider the size of the room for which they are styling. Going too small or too large can throw off the entire look of your room, and ruin your hard-earned aesthetic. Lucky for you, we’re here to save the décor with some tips to avoid common mistakes.


1. Dining table: We all have visions of hosting elegant dinner parties with tables garnished in plates of mouth-watering fare. But keep in mind there should be at least 36 inches between the table and any other walls or furniture on all sides. See how much room that realistically allows you, and buy a table that fits accordingly—and you can shop our impressive selection right here.




2. Sofa: If you prefer your sofa to float in your living room, pick a smaller size to ensure enough space to walk around at every angle. When styling your sofa against the wall, go as big as the width of the space allows (save room for an end table), and let the lounging begin. And no matter what you’re working with, we have a sofa or sectional that’s perfect for your room.




3. Area rug: Just because you walk on it doesn’t mean it should get any less consideration. Although people tend to go too small with their rugs, remember that for large rooms with floating furniture, a rug should be large enough so that the furniture fits completely on top—with room to spare. And when furniture is against the wall, aim to have the rug extend under the front two legs of each piece placed around it. We carry rugs in all sizes, so you can easily find the perfect fit.




4. Artwork: We love big, bold pieces. A general rule of thumb is that art should be about half or ¾ the size of the wall where it’s hung. So if you have a wall that’s 120 inches wide, one large 40×60” print will do the trick. Or, you could hang a collection of smaller pieces that add up to about the same size—we suggest being your own personal curator at our online gallery.




5. Mattresses: People tend to pass up that king-sized mattress for a queen in the interest of saving money—but the truth is, a mattress is one of the most important things in your home. So in this special case, we recommend splurging on as much room as you need to feel comfortable, because few things are more important than a good night’s sleep. Not only do we have the biggest selection of brand names, but our Certified Sleep Specialists will pair you with the perfect fit. Plus, our 120 Day Comfort Guarantee allows you to go for that luxe upgrade without losing sleep.