About The Author | Getting to Know Our Interior Designer Jennifer Koff
Getting to Know Our Interior Designer Jennifer Koff

About The Author

Getting to Know Our Interior Designer Jennifer Koff

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About Jennifer Koff

1.) How long have you been with CITY? 
4 Years in January!

2.) Favorite collection at CITY and why? 

I love the Provo collection; it's timeless. I appreciate the mix-and-match occassional furniture, and I’m particularly fond of gold hardware.  


3.) What/who inspires you? 

I find myself inspired by design that are dramatic and evoke emotion - unexpected silhouettes, large haunting portraits with eyes that seem to follow you, and statement lighting.

4.) Why are you passionate about design? 

Growing up, my favorite aspect of playing with Barbies was furnishing her Dreamhouse. That sense of thrill has stayed with me into adulthood.  

5.) Where are you from? 

I am from New Jersey. 


6.) Favorite mood board?

Tonal Statement Foyer mood board below.


7.) Where do you get your design inspiration from? 

My design inspiration primarily comes from Architectural Digest, Harpers Bazaar, Home & Gardens, and Ken Fulk’s Instagram.

8.) What is your personal style?  

My personal style is a blend of a haunted house aesthetic, Ralph Lauren, and elemenets of both English and Parisian Revival. 


9.) What is a trend that you would like to see disappear forever? 

I would like to see the ultra-modern trend with an emphasis on gray disappear, along with anything that resembles mass-produced items from Hobby Lobby. Although they’re on two ends of the style spectrum, they have lifeless mass production in common.  


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