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Getting to Know Our Interior Designer Karey Wright

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Getting to Know Our Interior Designer Karey Wright


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About Michelle Antonucci

How long have you been with CITY? 
I've been with CITY for 3 years.
Where are you from? 

I am from central New Jersey.

Favorite collection at CITY and why? 

The Provo collection is my favorite because of how it embraces the heritage style while incorporating modern lines and details. The colors of wood, black and brass give off a warm feeling throughout your home while the overall style still maintains contemporary.  


What/who inspires you? 

Nature inspires me.

Why are you passionate about design? 
My passion for design stems from the freedom it gives for you to express your own style within your space. Knowing that I can design a functional space for someone that will depict what they want their home to feel like while curating it to their taste, makes my job not only enjoyable but very satisfying when they love their finished look.  


Where do you get your design inspiration from?

My design inspiration comes from life itself. Creating a space that exemplifies and embraces my current journey in life. Life changes, styles change, and we change. Showcasing it in your space represents your uniqueness.   


What is your favorite holiday to host?

My favorite holiday to host would have to be Thanksgiving. Cooking lots of delicious food and spending time with my loved ones, while reflecting on what were grateful for is a perfect holiday.   


What are three home decor pieces you cannot live without in your home?
Three home decor pieces I cannot live without are comfortable pillows/throws, lighting, and wall art


What is the best piece of decorative advice you can offer someone?

Be true to yourself and design a space that you love. Don’t be shy about it, embrace it! 

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