Designers' Delights | Unwrapping the Top Holiday Gift Guide Selections

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Unwrapping the Top Holiday Gift Guide Selections

Designers' Delights

Unwrapping the Top Holiday Gift Guide Selections

As the festive season approaches, these hand picked selections from our designers promise to inspire and delight even the most discerning of gift recipients. Embark with us on an exploration of the finest offerings, elevating the art of gifting during this joyous time of year!

Designer Jennifer Koff Top Holiday Gift Guide Picks

Remi Teal 3 Door Cabinet & Pipa White Acrylic Chandelier

Designer Jennifer Koff Top Holiday Gift Guide Picks

Remi Teal 3 Door Cabinet is an absolute showstopper for your foyer or living room; it’s all in the details! Remi’s sliding doors are adorned with a worn lattice inlay with brass hardware. This is the type of conversational storage piece you scour antique shops for. 


Gilded glam hangs heavily overhead. Pipa White Acrylic Chandelier is classic yet playful, with acrylic beads for a casual balance to the grandiose double tier. Pipa packs a punch with her intensity, so give her the star treatment she deserves over a banquet dining table or in a large entryway. Hang her above your bed for the princess treatment - why not? Pipa embodies a coastal vibe, an art deco essence, and everything in between! 

- Designer Jennifer Koff

Top Holiday Gift Guide Picks from Designer Karey Wright

Lucas White Swivel Chair Rocker & Pauli Wood Decorative Bowl

Top Holiday Gift Guide Picks from Designer Karey Wright

I love the modern clean lines of the Lucas White Swivel Chair Rocker. The timeless black and white color combination and the added bonus of it being able to swivel and rock, enhancing both comfort and functionality. This versatile feature ensures a dynamic seating experience, perfectly complementing various relaxation preferences. You can add accent pillows and a throw to dress it up for any Holiday Season!  


The Pauli Wood Bowl is the perfect foundation piece for Holiday Décor, offering a great blend of size and finish. This bowl is deep enough to contain any decorative element, such as ornaments, candles, flowers and greenery to make your space feel festive! This also pairs beautifully with the Lucas Chair. 


Furthermore, the Pauli Wood Bowl's innate charm is accentuated when paired with the Lucas Chair. The seamless combination of these two pieces not only elevates the aesthetic appeal of your decor but also establishes a sense of coherence and sophistication within the space, creating a visually captivating holiday setting that exudes warmth and style. Happy Holidays!

 - Designer Karey Wright






The Jemma Desk & Sago Light Tone Wood Chandelier

Top Holiday Gift Guide Picks from Designer Maria Wilkinson

The Jemma desk, characterized by its reclaimed and rustic style, embodies the enduring popularity of such furniture by bringing authenticity and character to interior spaces. Its versatility, timelessness, and sustainability make it a popular choice for those who appreciate the unique beauty of weathered wood. 


Each piece of reclaimed wood furniture is unique, often displaying signs of wear, distress, or natural imperfections. This individuality and character add to the table's allure, making it a standout feature in any space. 


These tables are solid and sturdy, ready for daily use. They can be used as an entry table, sofa table, or console in a dining room, and are great in a living room with baskets or ottomans stored underneath. 


The natural tones and textures create a sense of warmth and comfort in a space. They can balance the often sleek and contemporary look of modern design, adding a cozy and inviting atmosphere. 


Adding the perfect piece of artwork or mirror above your console is a great way to tie in more color or texture. 


Start with a backdrop such as a mirror or piece of artwork, then layer items in front of it. You can use books, small sculptures, or decorative trays to create varying heights and textures. Incorporating greenery and florals by adding plants or flowers to your console table brings in natural elements. 


Additionally, adding a scented candle and/or a lamp is always a great idea to add another layer of ambiance. 

- Designer Maria Wilkinson

Sago Light Tone Wood Chandelier

Sago Light Tone Wood Chandelier

The Sago Light tone Wood tiered Chandelier with beaded accents combines classic and natural design elements to create a chandelier that is not only visually captivating but also environmentally conscious. Its use of organic materials and layered construction make it a standout piece in interior decor. 


The chandelier is supported by a gold frame, which provides a touch of contrast to the organic elements. This combination of materials and finishes creates a harmonious and balanced design. 


The natural and organic look of wood bead chandeliers makes them incredibly versatile in design allowing you to use them as statement pieces, complementary fixtures. And can also adapt to a wide range of styles, including modern, farmhouse, bohemian, and traditional.  

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