Farmhouse and Cottagecore | Distinguishing Styles and Achieving Each Look

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Farmhouse and Cottagecore: Distinguishing Styles and Achieving Each Look

Designer Jennifer Koff

Farmhouse and Cottagecore: Distinguishing Styles and Achieving Each Look

Unpack the nuances between the Farmhouse and Cottagecore aesthetics. Dive deep into their distinct characteristics with Designer Jennifer Koff and learn practical steps to achieve and embrace each unique style in your living space.




Modern farmhouse vs Cottagecore

Modern farmhouse vs Cottagecore: a conflict of identities, not ideals. Both modern farmhouse and cottagecore are rooted in their connection to nature with an eye for craftsmanship and homage to rustic, industrial detail through incorporations of wood, mixed metals, and greenery. To embody either style is to yearn for warmth and preservation - the soul of the countryside. Equally transitional and attainable, modern farmhouse and cottagecore diverge in their styling. Modern Farmhouse touts a streamlined simplicity through tight neutral color stories, like white, cream, tan, and gray solid upholstery, whereas cottagecore tends to take more liberties through old-world accents and artwork, leaning into florals and embroidery with the intention of a look curated over time. Modern Farmhouse is clean, minimalist, open and methodical. Cottagecore is worn, romantic, pensive and kitschy. The best way to introduce any newfound style to your space is to start with your foyer or entryway.  

Modern Farmhouse Foyer Designer Ideas

Modern Farmhouse Foyer Designer Ideas

Harley Light Tone Console Table: a console table with a simplistic appeal 

Naya Metal round 42" Mirror: black metal mirrors are a staple for modern farmhouse aesthetic. 

Kimmy White Square Accent Stools: modern farmhouse is all about hospitality with ample seating offered. The crisp white upholstery with black metal and gold detail pulls this look together. 

Venture Black Cement Table Lamp: more touches of black against wood console table. 

Williams Tabletop Accessory: add white accents to break away from black. 

Hoffman Clear Vases: add Pampas grass or a large monstera leaf.  

Nala White Woven Rug: organic and tonal. 


Cottagecore Foyer Designer Ideas

Cottagecore Foyer Designer Ideas

Deven Light Tone Four-door Cabinet: exposed wood grain cabinet with ample storage for keepsakes and books. 

Hudson Gold Medium Mirror: timeless gold arched mirror centered or doubled.  

Thea Vases: fill with wild foliage or willow branches. 

Ouray Candle Holders: timeless, delicate touches. 

Alexa White Table Lamp: touch of white to soften and create a dim lit glow come sundown. 

Jessenia Black Rug: moody, floral, made to look worn. 

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