A Designer's Masterpiece | The Before and After Journey of Casa Mancora

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The Before and After Journey of Casa Mancora

A Designer Masterpiece by Maria Wilkinson

The Before and After Journey of Casa Mancora

"Casa Mancora" immerses guests in the beauty and tranquility of its Peruvian beach town inspiration. By carefully curating a design that embraces the visual and sensory elements of a coastal destination, it creates a haven that goes beyond aesthetics, providing a perpetual sense of seaside serenity within the comfort of your home.

Modern Meets Nature

By combining modern luxury, thoughtful design, and a connection to the natural beauty of Cape Coral's canals, these residences truly stand out as luxurious Airbnb getaways that provide guests with a memorable and comfortable experience.


Blending Indoor and Outdoor Living

Creatively integrating indoor and outdoor living and incorporating sophisticated yet comfortable elements, we crafted a coastal-inspired interior that is both refined and in harmony with its coastal surroundings. 

Casa Mancora.jpg

The Impact of Sophisticated Materials in Design

Choosing sophisticated materials adds a touch of elegance to the coastal design. For example, opting for high-quality, well-crafted furniture pieces in materials like weathered wood, marble, or even polished metals can elevate the overall aesthetic. 


Crafting Serenity with Earth Tones and Layered Blues in Coastal Living

Embracing earth tones and thoughtfully layered blues for the color palette helps create a connection with the natural surroundings. Soft, muted greens, sandy beige, gentle blues, and watery grays can evoke the tranquil and serene ambiance of coastal living. 


Blending Natural Textures for a Timeless, Sensory Coastal Home Experience

by carefully selecting and layering natural textures, one not only softens the starkness of a modern home but also introduces a timeless and inviting quality that aligns perfectly with the coastal aesthetic. This approach creates a space that is not only visually pleasing but also enriching in its tactile and sensory experience. 



Embracing the Enduring Appeal of Natural Materials in Design

The appeal of natural textures is timeless. Unlike some design trends that may come and go, the authenticity and enduring beauty of natural materials ensure that the space remains relevant and appealing over the long term. The inherent warmth of natural textures contributes to a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. In contrast to the cool and clean lines of modern design, these textures add a layer of comfort that makes the space feel more like a home. 



Coastal Serenity

 Mimicking elements found in the coastal environment, natural textures establish a connection to nature. This connection is especially important in coastal interior design, where the goal is often to bring the tranquility of the beach into the home. 


Casa Mancora can go beyond being a luxurious accommodation and transform into a holistic experience that captures the essence of its Peruvian beach town inspiration. Guests will not only enjoy the physical beauty of the space but will also be immersed in the rich culture and unique offerings of Mancora. 


Whether it's the coastal charm, the soothing colors, or the connection to nature, coastal interiors continue to be a favored style for those who want to infuse their homes or rental properties with the relaxed and timeless beauty of coastal living.

Balancing aesthetic appeal with practical considerations for rental properties is key to creating spaces that are not only visually pleasing but also functional and durable. City Furniture Free Design would be delighted to assist you with your next business endeavor or your home project. 

Designer Maria Wilkinson


"Maria is amazing! She is now like family! She has been above and beyond. Super sweet! - Barbara Novak

“Where do I begin, the pictures do not do justice as this home is absolutely outstanding & spectacular. I will definitely come stay again when in the area. The host were amazing 12/10, always responsive, very respectful & caring host!” - Jonathan