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How To

Buy Furniture Online

Your worry-free tips to virtual shopping.

Is there anything better than online shopping? You get to buy new stuff in your pajamas, the store is always open, and you never have to wait in line. But when it comes to big items like furniture, it’s natural to feel a little hesitant to take the plunge.


However, if you do a little homework and follow our online furniture shopping tips, you can add to cart with total confidence—and save your weekends for other things than driving to stores (unless of course, that’s your thing). Here’s everything to know about how to buy furniture online:


Look at all the photos



This might feel obvious, but step one is to look at the pictures—and we mean all of them. Most sites will show several angles of any given piece, so take care to view every option. This will help you notice details like stitching on the arm of the sofa, or the type of wood grain on the dining table. If available, use the magnifying tool to examine the details in all their close-up glory.


And since color can sometimes look slightly different on different devices, you can even go the extra mile of comparing on various screens.


Read the description



Read anything and everything on the product page. The description should have helpful information about the product and its materials that you may not be able to see in a picture, like if it’s made from solid wood. Look for keywords that help tell the rest of the story. Was the dining table described as rustic or aged? Then you can expect a distressed finish. Was the sofa fabric described as stain-resistant? Then it’s great for families.


Check the measurements (twice)



You know that saying measure twice and cut once? Well we’re changing it to measure twice and online order once. Check the product descriptions for measurements, and then measure your own space to make sure it fits. We suggest using painter’s tape to frame out the future furniture in your layout, just to be extra certain it’s the perfect match.


Furthermore, measurements can also supply more product details to help you make your buying decision. Looking for a deep-seated sofa that’s perfect for movie naps? Want to make sure the server will fit your longest serving plate? Check out the depth measurement.


Sign up for emails



Love saving money? Once you’ve decided on an online furniture retailer, sign up to receive email messages, or even follow them on social media. Most companies send special offers and advance notice of sales to email lists and social followers, giving you access to bonus savings. And since one of the best parts about shopping online is having every option at your fingertip, be sure to do some price comparison.


Shop on secure websites



So you found something you love and you’re ready to buy? Before you add your credit card information, be sure that you’re shopping on a secure website. This is one of our biggest tips about how to buy furniture online. Look for an icon during the checkout process that looks like a lock, with the words “secure checkout” next to it. This will protect your credit card from getting compromised.


Thoroughly check delivery options



Some retailers offer various delivery methods, so make sure you understand every option. For example, our free shipping option offers complimentary delivery of your order, and we’ll place it just inside your front door—you handle all the assembly and placement. Alternately, our premium delivery option comes with all the bells and whistles, including furniture placement and removal of packing boxes, making it a more ideal choice for anyone who prefers us to do the heavy lifting.


Add the warranty or protection plan



The best way to protect your online purchase is, well, to protect it. That’s why you should go for the warranty or protection plan, as this added insurance will give you peace of mind that your furniture will last. Some companies will even include added incentives for those that opt in. For example, our protection plan will come back to you as a store credit if you never have to use it—which means more furniture and décor shopping money for your next online purchase!


That’s it! Now that you’ve learned how to buy furniture online, all that’s left to do is add to cart. Then you can sit back, relax, and wait for a surprise-free delivery day!