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We know your living room is home to so much these days. There are the movie nights that mean spilled chocolate milk and buttery popcorn fingers. And the arts and crafts project that somehow wasn’t contained to the kitchen (despite your strictest instructions). And let’s not even talk about the rain-soaked dog that love to dry off on the sofa. Every single time.


The point is, the need for durable furniture is more real than ever right now—and it all starts with the right fabric. So, we’re stepping up our game by offering more and more options covered in performance fabric, so you can just focus on finding a movie the whole family actually agrees on (good luck with that). Here, we’re highlighting just a few of our favorite family-friendly sofas and sectionals, and you can find even more in stores or online.


The Nixon Collection



We bet you didn’t even think white was an option. But thanks to Nixon’s LiveSmart fabric, it actually is. The fabric was specifically designed for heavy-duty wear, using a moisture-repellent barrier that literally rejects spills from soaking in. As if that wasn’t great enough, it’s filled with a down blend that feels like sitting on a cloud, and the modular design can be moved all around the living room—perfect for building forts.


The Delilah Collection




This best-selling collection has been in our lineup for years, and we recently gave it a performance fabric upgrade. It also features a slipcovered design, giving you the option to spot clean or take the whole cover off. And since comfort is key, it’s filled with a down feather blend that’s as cozy as it gets.


The Noah Collection



We promise not to tell the dog, but it’s totally okay if he jumps on the sofa. That’s because Noah is part of our exclusive Kevin Charles line, which includes a variety of options covered in Revolution fabric. We love this particular style for its versatile appeal, which can be styled in a variety of different ways from casual to modern.


The Ripley Collection




Believe it or not (pun intended), we have even more styles in our easy-clean Revolution fabric. Our Ripley option offers a more coastal vibe, and comes in a light beige or blue. Plus, it’s made right here in America.


The Asheville Collection



Need options? You got it. Not only does our Asheville come with Revolution fabric in your choice of color, but you can actually custom design the shape and size. Build the shape that fits your exact layout, and we can deliver it by tomorrow, since we keep all the components in house. And that’s just the start! We have more family-friendly sofas and sectionals in stores and online, including more custom options by our Kevin Charles line.