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Eight genious ways to repurpose your accessories.

Few things spark more joy in us than home accent hacks. Probably because it’s taking something we already love, and then giving it new purpose. As if that weren’t great enough, it’s usually solving some kind of problem along the way.


Like all the vases collecting dust in your cabinets? Turns out, there’s so many other ways to use them—and we’re just getting started. Read on for our favorite game-changing hacks that give common home accessories new meaning.


1. Dessert Stand/Soap and Towel Holder



Is there anything better than dessert? Okay maybe not, but if we had to choose, turns out dessert stands are pretty cool too. Not only do they put your cake on a (well-deserved) pedestal, but they’re great for countertop organization too. Try one in the kitchen or bathroom to free up counter space and add a decorative element.


2. Outdoor Planter/Outdoor Cooler



And now for our next party trick—literally. Outdoor planters are perfect for adding some greenery to your backyard patio. Even better, since they’re made to withstand moisture, that means they can also double as an outdoor cooler.


3. Picture Frame/Jewelry Holder



One of our old favorites, a picture frame can easily be transformed into an earring stand with a little DIY action. Just swap out the glass frame for a piece of canvas or burlap and layer some batting or fabric underneath. Now, you have a pretty way to keep your favorite jewelry on display and easily accessible.


4. Vase/Desk Organizer



When it comes to home accent hacks, vases are pretty much the MVP. We can think of so many ways to give them new function, and one easy idea is desk organization. Use larger vases to hold your tall supplies, like scissors and rulers, and leave smaller vases for the pencils and pens.


5. Vase/Utensil Holder



Need a new utensil holder? Skip the kitchen aisle next time you’re shopping and head to the home décor section instead. The size and shape work just as well as the real deal, and we’re willing to bet you’ll find more trendy options.


6. Decorative Jar/Dog Treat Holder


Are we the only ones with decorative jars around the home that don’t actually hold anything? If so, join us in actually putting them to use. The obvious answer is candy or potpourri, but how about getting really creative and using them for dog treats? Again, it’s going to be cuter than anything you find in a pet store.


7. Vase/Fruit Bowl



When your favorite vase isn’t hard at work holding flowers, give it some kitchen time with our next hack. We love the narrow, open design of this particular example, as it saves precious countertop space while giving easy access to the fruit. Plus, with all eyes on your new countertop décor, we predict everyone in the house will start eating a little healthier.


8. Vase/Hair Tool Organizer



More proof that vases can do it all. And if your anything like us, your bathroom or vanity will definitely benefit from this last tip. A vase is an easy solution to keep your brush, curling iron, and flat iron organized—all while earning major style points.