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Go green and go to bed.

Are you tossing and turning at night? Then it’s time to call house plants to the rescue. This might sound strange, but there’s actually solid proof that certain plants promote better sleeping conditions—and they just so happen to make great bedroom décor. Read on to discover five plants for better sleep. Just add water!





1. Aloe Vera


Aloe Vera is pretty much the overachiever of the plant world. We already know it’s great for sunburn and cuts (just to name a few pros), and now you can add sleep support to the list. That’s because it emits oxygen during the night, which makes for better air quality, and that equals better sleep.


Care tips: This low-maintenance plant thrives with lots of direct sunlight and minimal water, so keep it on your windowsill in a pretty vase.




2. Snake Plant


Don’t let the name scare you, because this is one of the most popular plants for better sleep, since it purifies indoor air quality. Snake plants emit oxygen at night while taking in carbon dioxide, and they can actually filter common household toxins as well. This makes it a great option keep in the bedroom, since all that purified air will lead to sounder sleep.


Care tips: Snake plants thrive when you practically forget about them, so keep your plant out of direct sunlight and allow the soil to dry in between watering.




3. Lavender

Is stress keeping you up at night? Try lavender. The scent is known reduce anxiety levels and induce deeper sleep. In fact, research has proven it to lower heart rate, blood pressure, and stress levels. One study even found the scent reduced crying in babies and lulled them into a deeper sleep, so new moms, go ahead and grab two.


Care tips: Lavender loves warmth and sunshine, so put the plant in your favorite vase and keep in direct light.




4. Golden Pothos


Not only does the golden pathos make great décor—thanks to the marbled, heart-shaped leaves—but it’s also another sleep booster. It purifies the air and removes toxins like formaldehyde, which is often found in hair spray. This all makes for a more soothing sleep environment.


Care tips: The leaves are mildly toxic, so keep this one in your hanging planter to keep out of reach from pets and kids. Other than that, go with indirect light and minimal water.




5. Areca Palm


If you’re looking for a large bedroom plant, then an Areca palm is the way to go. This lush beauty will grow to six or seven feet, adding a tropical feel to your décor. But even better, it functions as a natural humidifier, which is great for those who wake up throughout the night due to sinus problems. It also purifies the air, working double duty to create a soothing sleep space.


Care tips: One of the easier palms to grow indoors, Areca palms needs bright, indirect light and regular watering to keep the soil moist.