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Sleeper Sofa 101: How to Choose Your Sleeper Sofa

A sleeper sofa lets you host overnight guests with ultimate confidence. In essence, it is exactly what it sounds like – a sofa with a fold out mattress that you can sleep on. At City Furniture, our collection of sleepers are versatile, stylish and functional – giving you the flexibility to make the most of your space. From your living room or bedroom to your office or basement area, sleeper sofas are great dual-purpose furniture options.

Sofa Bed vs Sleeper Sofa

For a lot of people, there often seems to be some confusion over the difference between a sofa bed/futon and a sleeper sofa. A sofa bed is designed with the ability to lay out flat and form a bed. However, a full sleeper sofa has a mattress hidden within its frame that can unfold for easy use. A queen sleeper sofa is an excellent option for couples looking to save space as well as anyone looking to host family and friends over the holidays.

Which Style Do You Need?


If you have a small apartment or home or you rarely have multiple overnight guests at a time, a twin sleeper sofa might be adequate. However, if you have lots of space and a larger home, you may want to look onto a queen or king sized sleeper that gives you even more flexibility when loved ones visit.


As you hunt for a sleeper, you will realize that there are a wide range of materials and colors to choose from. Remember to go with one that best fits your fashion sense and lifestyle. If you have a modern home, a leather sleeper sofa may be the perfect touch in your living room. However, for a more traditional home, linen or microfiber options may be a better fit.


Be sure to pay close attention to the type of mattress that’s included in your sleeper sofa. While most are made with high-density foam or innerspring mattresses, make sure that the comfort level (firm, plush, cushion firm etc.) is to your liking. After all, you do want your guests to be as comfortable as possible.