Dormeo Octaspring Mattresses

Dormeo Mattress

Dormeo Octaspring Mattresses

Dormeo Mattress Technology

Designed as an improvement to both traditional metal spring and memory foam mattresses, the Dormeo Octaspring mattress is made of memory foam springs, allowing it to dissipate heat to keep you cool while contouring and cradling your body to relieve pressure points.

Unique Ventilation System

Dormeo Octaspring mattresses have several features that allow them to breathe while sleepers adjust during the night, such as mesh sidings that expel humid air and microorganisms and bring new, fresh air to the sleep surface.

Harmonious Springs

Dormeo Octaspring mattresses are comprised of intelligently positioned memory foam springs of various levels of firmness. Extensive laboratory research has resulted in springs that work both independently and harmoniously to support vertebrae alignment, proper blood circulation, and a comfortable, restful night’s sleep.

Extensive Durability Testing

Dormeo Octaspring mattresses are designed to outlast traditional metal spring mattresses, which lose tension and offer less support over time. Octaspring mattresses are subject to extensive and exhaustive testing in independent laboratories to test weight capacity, resilience, and compression.