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Baby & Kids

Buying Guide For A Kid's Room

We absolutely love to decorate children's bedrooms. It’s so much fun decorating a fun, safe, and creative room for the kids to enjoy as they grow up; a place for our little ones to grow into. Kids furniture is so versatile, and parents can really have as much fun decorating a baby's room or kid's room as they do decorating and designing their own rooms. We’ve put together this kids’ furniture buying guide with that in mind.


Before you go over to the furniture store and pick everything out and decorate your kid’s room, we have a few tips for parents. If you’re wondering how to buy children’s furniture, we think the best place to start is with three things in mind.

Let them have fun

First, think about the room you would have wanted when you were growing up. Create a room that your kids will love and that you wish you had growing up. Because as parents, is there anything better than giving our children all the things that we wish we had growing up?


Ask Them To Choose & Help with Decorating

Of course, a baby's room is going to be different, and asking a toddler to choose what they want for lunch is like negotiating for world peace. However, there are some methods parents can use to get their kids to help decorate their room. Give them two or three options that you like and ask them to choose. Give it a try when you visit the furniture store.


No need to sacrifice style

Our advice is that you can have all the things that make a kid’s room safe, fun, and fantastic without sacrificing style and looks. Your baby or kid’s room doesn’t have to look like a daycare. It can look modern, sleek, and really stylish, too. 


We want to make that clear! You can design and decorate the room how you see fit! And get the little one involved. This kid's furniture buying guide is all about the best of both worlds: a functional room that looks and feels great. Now that’s how to buy children’s furniture.


Safety First

When it comes to buying kid’s furniture, safety is going to be your number one priority. The good news is that most furniture stores that sell kids furniture keep safety in mind when designing their products. Whether it's cribsbeds, or bunk beds, kids furniture is designed to be as safe as possible.

We’ve included a handy list in this kids furniture buying guide of things you should keep an eye on when shopping for children’s furniture:

  • Check for sturdiness. All kids furniture should be well constructed and be able to withstand wear and tear, and the special kind of mayhem that only a child can inflict.
  • Check for corners. The more rounded edges the better.
  • Check the materials. Are the materials and paints child safe?
  • Secure large furniture to walls with an anti-tip kit.
  • Bunk beds should not be wobbly.

Keep safety in mind as you shop for and buy kids furniture online and in-store. As mentioned, most manufacturers build furniture with safety in mind, but it helps to keep that in mind as well.

Storage Furniture for Kids Rooms

It’s a modern marvel how much stuff young children seem to accumulate. Much like squirrels or small bears, children seem to collect everything and bring it back to their rooms to store for later. No kids furniture buying guide would be complete without a few choice words about storage.

Storage can, and should, look good if it has dual usage as furniture. If you’re decorating for a kid’s or a baby’s room, you can start with style in mind. Here are a few of the pointers we offer parents who visit the furniture store showroom floor.


The list doesn’t end there. In fact, many of the best places to get kid’s furniture understand the need to incorporate storage into everything. Keeping storage in mind is one of the best ideas on how to buy children’s furniture in the first place.


This reason is why many children’s bed also include drawers underneath the beds. If you want to combine a bed that has drawers underneath, you will be taking care of your storage issue while also finding something stylish in the interim. This comes down to personal preference.

Durable Materials Matter

With the force of a tornado and the longevity of a hurricane, children will put every bit of furniture they buy to the test. So, purchase kids furniture that can handle the stress and the extra wear and tear. We are firm believers that where you buy the furniture is as important as what it’s made of.

When you shop for kids furniture, you should find reputable furniture stores that are well-known for creating quality products that are made to last.

Create a Beautiful Space for Your Kids

This is your chance to create a beautiful space for your kids. This kids furniture buying guide is a little window into the memories your children are going to create forever. Remember your childhood room? Do you remember the nights you spent there, dreaming? You get to create a magical place for your kids right now.

We hope that as you decorate this room you keep in mind that the dresser you buy, or the bed you choose are going to be in the memories of your children forever, and they will cherish every single detail without ever knowing it.