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"The Everything You Need to Know" Bedroom Furniture Buying Guide

First and foremost, remember this is your room to do as you please. You will be the person spending time in this room, so design and decorate your bedroom the way you want. This means when it comes to decorating your bedroom, you should combine function with form.


Your bedroom should be your sanctuary, your cozy nook, a home within your home. A bedroom furniture buying guide or article shouldn’t be filled with bedroom ideas that sacrifice comfort for looks. It’s about finding the right balance of comfort and style.


And it can be a real balancing act. That’s what takes us right into this bedroom furniture buying guide. We need to discuss the difference between form and function. Let us explain:


  • Form: The way the bedroom is decorated.
  • Function: The way the bedroom is arranged.

Form follows function. This means that when you buy furniture for your bedroom, you should consider how you want your bedroom to be arranged and laid out before you consider the style, colors, or décor.


Arranging your bedroom to have great flow will make all the difference in your everyday life. Each and every one of your bedroom ideas should have a purpose. For example:

  • Clothes laid out on easily accessible bedroom benches will help you get ready for work every morning.
  • Phone chargers at arm’s reach on perfect nightstands will keep your phone charged overnight and your alarm ready.
  • Big dressers with plenty of storage will allow you store lots of clothes and free up closet space.

Map out your bedroom in your head first, and then find the right bedroom furniture. Having a room designed to meet your needs will make you feel comfortable.


Use this list to decide how to decorate your bedroom with function in mind first. To make your bedroom comfortable, you should plan with a purpose. If you take nothing else from this bedroom furniture buying guide, we hope you remember to take this list!


  •  Do you read in bed? Then think of lightsnightstands.
  •  Do you charge your phone overnight? Maybe think of a nightstand with a USB port.
  •  Do you get cold? Incorporate storage space for extra duvets and bedding.
  •  Do you watch T.V. in bed? Multi-function media chests will store clothes and the television.
  •  Do you work in your room? Consider small office desks to make your space multi-task.
  •  Do you work out or exercise in your room? Leave room for a yoga mat.
  •  Do you prefer to get dressed in your room? Choose a dresser and mirror combination.
  •  Do you struggle to sleep? Enhance your sleep environment with heavy curtains and a ceiling fan.
  •  Do you get thirsty in the middle of the night? Keep water glasses and coasters bedside.
  •  Do you struggle to wake up? Invest in an alarm clock with a peaceful ring.

The idea here is to make a list of things that are important to you and make sure that your bedroom is designed to accommodate you above all else. All your bedroom decorating ideas start with that list and move on. As you use this bedroom furniture buying guide, you can keep referring back to the list you’ve created for yourself.


Next, it’s time to get into those bedroom ideas and decorate.

"Of all the rooms in the house, your bedroom is yours." Dorothy Draper

Form: Make it Beautiful

Once you know how you want the room to be arranged, you can decide how you want your bedroom to look. The look is extremely important. After all, you want your bedroom to look inviting. You want to see your bedroom at the end of a long day and jump into a cozy bed.

So, how do you decorate your bedroom to make it your favorite place in your home? The best place to start is to offer up some general bedroom furniture buying guide advice and take it from there.

"Where the bedroom is wrong the whole house is wrong." Margaret Kennedy

Add Color

Now this can be tough. The general rule of thumb is to choose a subtle color in your bedroom. Something that is soothing and easy on the eyes. Think of gentle, yet rich hues. Our interior design experts always tell clients to imagine waking up in their bedroom. What mood do you want to be in?


The Mattress Matters

If there is one thing that our great grandmothers told us that has stuck it’s this “spend your money on things that separate you from the ground.” And what did she mean? She meant shoes, chairs, and quality, affordable mattresses.


The most important thing in this bedroom furniture buying guide that you should spend money on is your mattress. We can tell you a million times how many studies suggest that good sleep is one of the most important things you can do to completely change your life and your health.


Symmetry & Matching

People are drawn to symmetry and matching sets and the master bedroom is the perfect place to create and perfect that symmetry. The average master bedroom is 14x16 ft., and the bed is going to be placed directly in the middle, leaving you with a design zone that is begging to be symmetrical.


The center point is, of course, the bed, and the pairing strategy are the nightstands, the table lamps, the throw pillows, and the wall art. You can also throw off the symmetry slightly and tastefully with books, a bedroom chair or armoire, or even a mirror.


When in Doubt: Bedroom Sets

Buying a bedroom set is an easy way to take the guesswork out of decorating your bedroom with individual furniture. You get to choose how many pieces you want, and everything will match nicely. Like we mentioned above, we like when things match, so if you’re struggling, go with a bedroom set.


Most furniture stores can completely furnish your bedroom with a set and bedding to match, as well as other complementary furniture. In as little as an afternoon, your bedroom could look like the cover of an interior design magazine.


Lighting is a Game Changer

You should light in layers. You want to be able to light in a way that allows you to change ambiance at the flick of a few switches. From reading to getting ready for work – there should be a level of lighting to match any mood.


Although smart lighting can help you achieve this feeling, we think that it's much easier to focus on multiple lighting sources, each with a dimming option. A main light source on the ceiling and bedside lamps should do just fine.


Wall Décor is a MUST

You want to know the simplest way to make your bedroom look and feel like a comfortable paradise that is uniquely yours? Add wall décor! It’s that simple. Now, there are a few tricks to wall art that could trip you up. For example, do you add art, or family pictures, a mirror, or even a tapestry? That will depend on your style.  


Wall décor is a game-changer. We highly recommend using the space above your bed to hang a fantastic piece of art or tapestry, saving the family photos for the bedside table and the mirrors for the closet.


Carpet Diem

Now, ontrugs for the bedroom. Our bedroom ideas have to include a section for rugs, because we place a lot of importance on comfort – and tile is just not always the most comfortable on our feet.


While tile looks good and it’s easy to clean, how do you really feel when your bare feet touch a bit of cold tile? That warmth of a carpet beneath your feet first thing in the morning, or late at night right before you snuggle into bed, is sure to make you feel cozy. That being said, consider a rug for the bedroom. And remember, a bedroom rug should always extend at least 18 to 24 inches from the sides of the foot of the bed.  


Now What?

Whether you’re decorating a small bedroom, a medium bedroom, or a large bedroom, the bedroom furniture buying guide above should help you make the right decisions. We hope you remember that a bedroom should look as good as it feels. That should be the most important piece of advice you take from this guide.

As you learn how to decorate a bedroom, and as you perfect your own style, you will generally understand your own style and your own creature comforts. When you’re ready, find a furniture store that can help.


Functional spaces are more valuable when it comes to your overall daily happiness.