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Home Accents

Home Accents To Write Home About

Home accents are by far the easiest way to decorate a room, and we think one of the most fun. Get the right home décor accessories and your home will come alive!


With that in mind, we have decided to take you through a few of the fundamentals you need to make sure you buy the best home accents for your home. You can take any number of home décor accessories and boil them down to a few fundamental elements, in which you can use to make an informed decision on how to best decorate your home.

Your Personality Matters

When you’re shopping for home décor accessories, what you like and what you want matters most. Everything in your home should truly feel like it’s yours and your familys’. Before you buy any home accessories or accents, think about how you want your home to look and feel. Above any decorating rule, it really all comes down to choosing what speaks to you.


When browsing for home accents, think of textures, colors, and themes. Remember that not all accent pieces sit on end tables. Home accents are also accent pillowswall décorlightingrugs, and even the accent chairs and ottomans sitting in your living room and bedroom.  


Seasonal Items are Great

Ask any interior designer their aspect of home décor and accents, and they will likely mention the importance of seasonal décor.


Seasonal décor is a fantastic way to show off your decorating skills and make your home come alive, month after month. We aren’t just talking about holiday decorations either, we are talking about decorating for winter, summer, spring, and fall... Every season tends to have its own color palette and mood, and home accents are an easy way to capture that. Go cozy for fall, or brighten up for spring simply by switching up a few home accents.


Use the seasons as your excuse to really take advantage of what your home has to offer, and what your home accents can bring into your house.


Creating Focus & Magic

Home décor accessories create focus, if you let them. In fact, most centerpieces are actually just home décor accessories with added flair and drama.


If you don’t want to go for a full centerpiece, you can create a focal area with a number of smaller accent pieces in your home. Pictures, trinkets, a vase, flowers, an antique piece, a rustic clock and a piece of wall décor all on an end table; how’s that for something eye-catching? Make it your own, and make it bold.


Antiques & Modern Touches

How does your Google home or your Alexa look next to that fantastic oak box filled with potpourri? Can antiques and modern-day home accents and technology live in harmony? Of course they can! In fact, modern day tech is designed to look more beautiful than ever. Modern and rustic looks can coexist, and these days they can do so quite well. We recommend trying your hand and combining the two varied styles when you should for home décor accessories.


Color Your Home Your Way

Many homes are decorated with muted tones, neutrals, and softer colors, and rightly so.  Going neutral with your bigger pieces allows for more longevity, and serves as a great and versatile base for your home accents.


However, you don’t have to be neutral when you buy home decor accessories. This is your chance to add a splash of color, to really mix things up and have some fun... Mix and match; find the bold colors, and play with patterns and textures.


Fruits & Flowers in the Kitchen

Yes - you can and should accent with fruits and flowers in the kitchen. Not only do fruits and flowers in the kitchen give you fresh design elements, but they really bring the room together.


There is nothing more pleasant than a kitchen with a bowl of fresh fruit and a beautiful vase full of flowers. If you don’t have the time or energy, potpourri or fake fruit and flowers are a great alternative; but, buy a variety so you can switch them out!


Books in the Living Room

If you want fruits and flowers in the kitchen, you want books in the living room. Coffee table books, reading books, nonfiction, fiction, all types of books that pique yours and your guests’ interest.


A few well-placed books in the living room is a great way to make the room feel lived in and cozy; another great way to decorate using home accents. What we really love about books is that they are a fine way to show off a little of your personality to guests who visit your home.


Find books on subjects that are important to you, such as movies you love, music, artists, history, countries you’ve traveled to, and places you want to visit. Let the books speak to those parts of your imagination, and let them start the conversation with you and your guests.


Where to Find Home Décor & Accessories

Shopping for decorative household accessories is just as much fun as finding a great spot for them in your home, so we have a few ideas of where you can find a few accessories right now!

1 – If you’re into arts and crafts, then look no further than your own home. Check the attic, the garage, and the closet to find some old décor that you just don’t use anymore. Break out the paints and tap into your DIY side.

2 Antique stores are a great place to find treasures, especially now that yard sales are no longer as common as they used to be. You never know what you might find, making it a unique place to buy home décor.

3 – Take a trip to your local furniture store and browse around some of the fantastic offerings on display. Local furniture stores are a great place to get ideas for home décor accessories because you can see what these accessories would look like!

Visualize Your Home

Utilize this visualization trick to help you decorate your home before you buy any home décor accessories:

Close your eyes and imagine yourself starting your day normally, but with the specific accessory you’re thinking about buying. Pretend as though you’re getting out of bed, walking into the living room, the kitchen, or the dining room, and you see the accessory you’re about to buy, do you love it? If you can’t stop thinking about it, then you should buy it!