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Home Office

How to Buy Home Office Furniture Collections & Set Up a Perfect Workspace

Working from home is here to stay, which makes home office furniture an important design choice in most homes. No more is the home office a room in your house that gets used sparingly; the home office is fast becoming one of the most important rooms in the house. This home office buying guide is here to get down to business.


Many of us are either starting our workday at home or coming home from the office and doing a little more work after dinner. Either way, your home office is now a rather important part of your house. If the kitchen is the heart of your house, then your home office might be the brains of the operation.


When you buy home office furniture, you really should be considering your home office setup, the kind of furniture collections and sets that are available, and ultimately, what kind of environment you want to create. It’s a place of creativity, productivity, and more, all rolled into one spot.


Now, before we get into this home office buying guide, below is an office desk height and an office chair height calculator. No matter what choices you make moving forward, you can sit (or stand) comfortably at your home office!

The Home Office Desk

Perhaps the most important piece of décor to consider when you buy home office furniture is the desk. Your desk is the heart of the office itself.


The home office desk is going to be the focal piece of the room, and of course, the place where you spend most of your time when you’re in the office.  That’s why it’s important to choose your office desk wisely.


Looking for the right qualities in an office desk is as important a looking for the right qualities in a business partner. When you buy home office furniture, you should always be finding the balance between ergonomics (how it feels, how comfortable it is) and aesthetic (its style, and how it looks).


Does it have enough space for you to work on, and enough space for you to store your general documents in? Check out the number of drawers and storage around the office desk. The space that an office desk takes up in a room is very important, sure, but the work space you have is much more important. When you buy home office furniture, you have to consider how you are going to be using it and put your comfort first. Consider the room second.


Is your office desk the correct height and are you comfortable at that height? Be sure to use our ergonomic office chair and office desk height calculator to calculate the perfect height through the rest of this home office buying guide, and before you make your final decision.


The Home Office Chair

If the home office desk is the most important piece of furniture to buy when you’re out shopping for office furniture sets, we believe the office chair is a close second. The office chair really is the unsung hero of your home office.

How to Decorate Your Home Office

We all use our home offices for the same thing, but for different purposes. What that means is that we all use our home office to work from home, but we all work differently and we all have different jobs. So creating and designing a home office that you’re comfortable in is key here. Your home office setup is going to be unique to you, as it should be.

Create a Floor Plan

The first thing we recommend before you buy home office furniture is to create a floor plan. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just a basic top-down view of the room that gives you an idea of the kind of office furniture you’re going to buy and where you need to put everything.


Start by looking at a few home office furniture sets and collections. Finding matching sets is just an easy way to make your home office look and feel great without having to fuss over details.

Pick a Theme

If you look at the details, then we suggest a theme and some Fengshui. Here are some of the best themes to inspire productivity and creativity in your home office:



Think bright whites and bright clean wood. If you have color, it must be strategically placed and only to add a slight pop.
Clean and Bright

Clean and Bright

This can be confused with minimalist, but it is wholly different. Clean and bright spaces utilize natural light, and are often the perfect space for natural creatives and readers. Fill it with books and soft cream colors.
Classic Study

Classic Study

What you may think of when you think of the turn of the century study, or a place where your grandfather kept his stamp collection. The classic study chic is still in.
Mid Century Loft/Studio

Mid Century Loft/Studio

This is the look that you see in many cover magazines these days. Combine sleekness and color with a hint of retro vibes. You’ll usually find a geometric rug in the mix.

Done is Better Than Perfect

Your office is going to get messy, and it may get a little bit out of control. Your office is essentially a representation of who you are, and how you tick. Our one piece of advice through this home office buying guide is to keep tinkering with it, keep changing it, and keep designing your office to suit you.


Done is better than perfect.


Work with it, make it your own. Buy home office furniture that you can make your own.