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The Everything Mattress Buying Guide – Choose a Mattress Wisely!

The most important piece of furniture in your entire home is your mattress. This is a fact. Drop everything else you’re doing, and read that sentence again.... Okay, now back to the mattress buying guide.


Your mattress has a direct effect on the quality of your life, and that’s scientifically proven. So, for our mattress buying guide, we want to hit you with the facts and explain  why it’s important to buy a good mattress. First, we’ll teach you how to find and purchase a good mattress. 


We are so glad you are learning how to buy a mattress here first before you visit a mattress store! Of course, the friendly, helpful, and well-rested staff at your local furniture store is going to help you choose a mattress that helps you sleep better and looks really good in your bedroom, but you should still show up armed with a little knowledge.


If you feel the need to bundle up in a nice cozy bed while reading this mattress buying guide, then it’s working! Also, it may be time to buy a mattress.

Let's Begin with Types of Mattresses

First things first, we’ll break down all the common types of mattresses. Our easy summary will help get you started on choosing the right support for your sleep needs. After this, we can move on to how to actually choose a mattress.


These are the most common types of mattresses, and are instantly recognizable as the mattresses that have the compressed steel coil. When you think of a traditional mattress, you will probably think of these mattresses. They are usually more affordable than some other types of mattresses. You can get very granular and get into Continuous, Bonnell, Offset, Marshall, and Pocketed too.

Why buy an innerspring mattress? They are affordable and they are great for the sleepers who toss and turn. You’ll find that you can adjust your sleeping position easily and the mattress doesn’t retain heat easily so when you move, you can get comfortable again rather quickly.

Memory Foam

These types of mattresses are becoming much more popular and widely used. They provide that sinking-in feeling and are very comfortable. They are fast becoming more affordable and they provide great support.

Why buy a memory foam mattress? They offer much more support than innerspring mattresses, and are often recommended for people with posture problems and other health concerns. Also, memory foam has become far more accessible and much more affordable through the years, making it a great option for almost everyone.


These mattresses are almost exactly the same as memory foam, except whereas memory foam might retain some heat, gel does not. Gel also provides great support, but it also comes at a slightly higher price tag for the added cooling benefit.

Why buy a gel mattress? A gel mattress will come with the same benefits as a foam mattress, but you will also have the benefit of lower heat retention. Gel has amazing cooling properties, and foam does not. It will be slightly more expensive, but you’ll have to ask yourself, how important is cooling to you when you sleep?


This type is not as common as memory foam, but similar in that it offers great support and a night of comfortable sleep. However, a latex mattress does not provide that sink-in feeling that many people love about memory foam; but, it does retain less heat and give you a bit of bounce.

Why buy a latex mattress? Latex mattresses also provide great support much like foam, and they also remain cool like gel. Latex mattresses also have an added benefit where they are less likely to develop any odors and they will last longer. Some sleepers report memory foam and gel mattresses begin to develop a smell after time, but latex will not.


A hybrid bed will combine the innersprings for bounce and affordability, and memory foam or latex for the support, sink-in feeling, and cooling. These hybrid mattresses are becoming very popular!

Why buy a hybrid mattress?  A hybrid gives you the best of multiple words. Most hybrids combine innersprings with some foam or gel, and that seems to be a good mix for many sleepers. Before you buy a mattress, speak to someone at the store and weigh your options.

Other Types

Other mattress types include waterbeds, pillow tops, polyfoam, adjustable beds, organic, and even airbeds but these are not going to be our focus for this mattress buying guide. These are just merely the honorable mentions.


First, let's get into sizes. It all depends on the size of your room and what you want to accomplish. The master bedroom should be balanced and should have lots of space for bedroom furniture including, wardrobes and dressersnightstandsmedia chests, armoires, and the bed. Fun fact: you will move at least 40 times a night, and your body will turn almost a dozen times, so some space is necessary of course.


Space Around the Bed

  • You should allow for at least 30" between the edge of the bed and the wall.

  • For a very spacious and luxurious feel, make that 36" between the edge of the bed and the wall.


Use these measurements to determine the size of your mattress. Avoid putting your bed in a corner or against a wall if you can help it.

That being said, the bigger size will make sense if you can afford it and if you have a spouse, a pet, or even a few kiddos shuffling under the covers in the middle of the night.


4 Things You Need to Know Before You Choose A Mattress

  1. Comfort is King: The mattress should be comfortable and this goes without saying but it’s worth keeping in mind, especially when making your final choice. Comfort is your priority.

  2. Firm Does Not Mean Best: You should look for support when choosing your mattress. For some sleepers that prefer more support, a firm mattress might be better. If you like more to sink into a mattress, you might enjoy a plush mattress.

  3. Don’t Rush: If you are going to be choosing a mattress to spend the next 5 to 8 years sleeping on, then you can spend a few weekends making sure you buy the right one!

  4. Explore Different Brands: Just because you might have heard someone talk about how much they love their Tempur-pedic or Serta iComfort mattress, you should try different brands that might suit your preferences or budget better. At CITY, we also have exclusive and newer brands that you may fall in love with, like our Rest & Renew or Kevin Charles mattresses.

Why Your Mattress is THE Most Important Piece of Furniture in Your Home

We just want to remind you why it’s so important to spend time shopping for a good mattress. Let's buy it once, and buy it right. Here are a few facts to keep in mind...

  • A good mattress will change your life and can even make you live longer. It’s true. More sleep is linked to a longer life. People who sleep on better mattresses are shown to get more sleep and live longer lives. 1
  • We spend one-third of our lives sleeping. This fact you probably remember hearing in elementary school. But think about it. You’ll spend ONE-THIRD of your time over the next year on this mattress… it should be the best mattress in the world. You deserve it. 2


This mattress buying guide is meant to really help you choose a mattress, buy a mattress, and change your life. It really is that important.


That’s all we have in this mattress buying guide! Be sure to do all the research you can before you go to a mattress store and lay on any potential winners. Happy shopping, pleasant nights, and sweet dreams!