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Gloria Burgos

Meet Our Designer

Gloria Burgos

  • I’ve always had an interest in architecture, interior design, and most importantly, furniture! This interest led me to getting two degrees in Interior Design. Through the many lessons in Organic Architecture and Design, I can easily recognize and blend multiple styles.

About Gloria

    • Location
    • Ocoee and Millenia
    • How long have you been with CITY?
    • 3 Months 
    • What are your favorite styles?
    • Modern, Euro, Glam, Mid Century, Modern Rustic, Modern Organic, Bohemian
    • What is your favorite part of the design process?
    • When all of the work is completed, the unveiling, the witnessing of the gratitude expressed through the eyes of a client who is overwhelmed with joy; that’s my soul food!
CITY is different because
Not only are we current in all styles of décor, we have the ability to accommodate all households regardless of their income, we are stock ready, and we are a one-stop shop. We also have the most talented Designers recruited into a team whose dedication to the craft is evident in all of the work that is produced. I am very proud and honored to be part of this family.
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Let's Get In Contact

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Top 3 Reasons to Hire an Interior Designer

If you’ve been thinking about hiring an interior designer, we’re here to help make your decision easier. At CITY Furniture, our interior designers are equipped with all the tools needed to help you create the stunning home that you’ve always envisioned. Here are the top three reasons why you should hire one.


Avoid Costly Mistakes

Let’s face it. Furniture, flooring and cabinets are just parts of home renovation that can be costly. The last thing you want to do is make decisions that you’ll end up regretting. When you have one of the top interior designers in the country on your side, you can confidently make choices that you can live with forever. Regardless of whether you go with a bold, striking room design for modern appeal or you decide to feature rustic charm as part of your home design, the CITY designers can help you make the right choices.


Save Time

Decorating a space takes time. If you have a busy schedule, do yourself a favor and leave the heavy lifting to the professionals. With the interior design team at CITY Furniture, you can oversee the entire project, give input into exactly what you expect and dedicate the rest of your time to work, family, friends or whatever you desire.


Access to More

Is there a certain kind of fabric you want that you can’t find anywhere? Or maybe you’ve been looking for a certain dining table that every store is telling you was discontinued. No matter the case, hiring an interior designer from CITY Furniture can help you eliminate these worries. Our top interior designers have extensive networks that allow them to provide clients with exclusive offers.

Whether you hire Gloria Burgos or you work with one of the other professionals on our team, you can rest assured that you’ll get the best possible interior design help.