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Nicole Harvey

Meet Our Designer

Nicole Harvey

My passion is to create a fashion forward-home for my clients, that reflects their unique style and personality. I have a strong eye for color, balance and symmetry, which allows me to bring design concepts to life in an inviting and fashion-forward style. I love transforming a house to a home by layering textures, patterns and accessories.

I have an extensive background in fashion, graphic design and 3D animation, with more than 12 years of design experience working in areas around the country, including Virginia, San Diego, and now South Florida. I hold both a Bachelor of Arts in Design and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Business Management.



About Nicole

Fort Lauderdale

How long have you been with CITY?
4 years

What are your favorite styles?
I have an eclectic aesthetic, so I tend to pull from many styles to reflect my clients’ unique tastes. That's what challenges me as a designer and keeps things interesting.

CITY is different because
My family owns a small home-grown business, and CITY shares many of the same characteristics that make doing business a pleasure for both clients and employees. CITY is welcoming to a diverse range of clientele, offering distinctively personalized services and a wide variety of quality products at great value.
Webster University, MBA
St Andrews Presbyterian University, BA
What is your favorite part of the design process?
I love accessorizing, which brings color and character to a home. Layering through fabric textures, wallpaper patterns, and intriguing accessories are the jewels that energize my projects. One of the best parts of my job is seeing the joy and excitement in my clients’ eyes when a project is complete, and their house is now the home they had envisioned.

Recent Projects
Modern/Coastal Rental Home - 1,571 sq ft, Fort Lauderdale
Modern/Contemporary Home - 5,511 sq. ft, Waterbrook Estates, Boca Raton
Urban/Rustic Home - 4,179 sq ft., Cypresshead, Parkland
Contemporary/Coastal Beach Home - 3,380 sq. ft, Saturnia, Boca Raton
Transitional Home - 2,000 sq. ft, Camino Gardens, Boca Raton
Contemporary/Glam Home - 6,073 sq ft., 7 Bridges, Delray Beach

Available For Design Work
Palm Beach County, FL
Broward County, FL
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Let's Get In Contact

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Hiring Interior Designers 
If you're on the hunt for a quality interior designer, we're here to help. Some of the top interior designers in the furniture industry call CITY Furniture home. So if you are in urgent need of decorating help, you're certainly in the right place. Let's take a closer look at some of the ways our interior design professionals can assist you with your needs. 
Answers Tough Questions 
The fact that our interior design crew is knowledgeable and experienced allows them to  effectively answer all of the tough questions you may have regarding furniture, cabinets, flooring and more. When you're in a rush to make decisions on the style and look of your home, you'll need someone in your corner who's experienced enough to save you time and money. We are standing by to help. Get in contact with us today.   
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Room design is an art that involves a lot of moving parts. Whether you need a rug for your living room space that seems impossible to find or you're looking for a particular sofa and loveseat combo that you saw in a magazine, one of our interior design experts can help. We believe that your home design should look exactly the way you imagine it in your dreams.   
Time and Money Savings 
What's one thing that all experienced interior designers have in common? They all know how to work well within a client's budget! If you're worried about overspending in order to make your home look the way you want, work with one of the interior designers on our team to stay within your spending limits. CITY Furniture is proud to be home to affordable furniture and services without sacrificing quality. So regardless of whether you're looking to decorate your home office, bedroom, living room or pool area, we can certainly help.