About The Author | Getting To Know Our Interior Designer Karey Wright

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Getting to Know Our Interior Designer Karey Wright

About The Author

Getting to Know Our Interior Designer Karey Wright

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About Karey Wright

1.) How long have you been with CITY? 
Five Years.

2.) Favorite collection at CITY and why? 

The Provo Collection. It’s a beautiful solid wood collection. What I love about it is the uniqueness of each piece; they are not “matchy matchy” but complement each other well. I love the brass hardware, wood tones, and all the black pieces that make it exceptional. The attention to detail is simply perfection!


3.) What/who inspires you? 

God, nature, traveling, and my pastors inspire me.

4.) Why are you passionate about design? 

I truly enjoy being in and creating beautiful environments. Nothing is more rewarding to me than seeing and feeling peoples JOY when I have transformed their space.

5.) Where are you from? 



6.) Where do you get your design inspiration from?
I find inspiration being in nature, through traveling and on social media.


7.) What design trends are you currently excited about?

Organic, minimalistic, and Japandi styles excite me at the moment.


8.) Do you have a favorite project? If so, what makes it special to you?
Boys and Girls Club of Miami and Thaddeus Bullard’s daughter’s apartment. The reactions and excitement of the kids when they see the transformed spaces are so incredibly fulfilling. Additionally, seeing the SandyPort Beach Resort in the Bahamas come to life was amazing. 😊


9.) What are three home decor pieces you cannot live without in your home?
Fresh flowers or live plants, mirrors, and aromatherapy or candles are essential to me.


10.) What are the most important steps to take when designing a new space?
Listening keenly to clients' needs. Always measure the space and the items you are working with.


11.) What is the best piece of decorative advice you can offer someone?
Be true to yourself and focus on what you love and need, rather than following what is trending. Try to choose timeless pieces for the foundational items, like flooring, cabinets, sectionals and sofas. Then you can decorate with fun accessories, rugs, wall art, etc. This ensures that you have a solid base, but can update your accessories often. 

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