The Ultimate Guide | Making Eco-Friendly Choices with Sustainable Furniture

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The Ultimate Guide: Making Eco-Friendly Choices with Sustainable Furniture

Designer Michelle Antonucci

The Ultimate Guide: Making Eco-Friendly Choices with Sustainable Furniture

Do you strive to lead a more eco-friendly lifestyle in your day-to-day life? You might already be gardening, re-using items, minimizing energy consumption, or recycling. While these are excellent steps, have you considered the sustainability of your furniture and how they have an impact on our planet?  

Elevating Your Green Lifestyle with Sustainable Furniture

Elevating Your Green Lifestyle with Sustainable Furniture

When people are evaluating ways to become greener in their day to day lives, the importance of buying sustainable furniture is often overlooked. Some materials to look for when considering these pieces are reclaimed woods, rattan, recycled materials, bamboo, FSC and PEFC woods. With the help of our expert designers, you can find sustainable furniture that not only contributes to an eco-friendly home but also brings to life the aesthetic taste of your dreams! Here are the top designer picks for sustainable furniture that do not compromise on style.


Top Sustainable Furniture Picks to Consider

From Designer Michelle Antonucci:

Maxton Mid-tone Dining Room

Materials: FSC-Recycled Solid Wood and Natural Pine

This dining set, crafted from FSC-recycled solid wood and natural pine, combines durability with sustainability.


Seattle Gray Wood Platform Storage Bedroom

Materials: 100% FSC-certified Reclaimed Wood

Responsibly sourced and exuding a minimalist aesthetic, this bedroom set is as good for the Earth as it is for your sleep.


Briar Light-tone Four-door Cabinet

Materials: FSC-certified Wood

This multi-purpose cabinet is a green solution for storage, designed with FSC-certified wood.


Rattan Large Table Lamp

Materials: Rattan

Made from renewable rattan material, this table lamp brings a touch of nature to your home.


Greenwich White Rattan Arm Chair

Materials: Rattan

Incorporate sustainable elegance into your home with this stylish rattan armchair.


Carvo Light-tone Woven Round Coffee Table

Materials: Acacia Wooden Frame

Featuring a sturdy Acacia wooden frame, this coffee table combines functionality with sustainability.




Our Commitment to Sustainability

The 2040 Green Promise

Our Commitment to Sustainability

At CITY, we take pride in being a green company throughout our showrooms and processing. We not only have options for sustainable furniture, but we strive to be green all around. Our 2040 Green Promise is our goal to offset our carbon footprint by making the right choices today. We plan to achieve this through a three-pronged approach: green delivery fleet, smart facilities, and large-scale recycling efforts. By 2040, we aspire to power nearly all our showrooms with renewable energy, contributing to our ultimate goal of carbon neutrality. Because we believe there’s no home more important than our planet.  

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