Shattering Expectations | The Art of Contemporary Glass Design

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Shattering Expectations: The Art of Contemporary Glass Design

Designer Karey Wright

Shattering Expectations: The Art of Contemporary Glass Design

Incorporating glass in interior design is a timeless, classic way to make spaces feel larger. Large pieces, such as dining or coffee tables, can appear bulky in smaller spaces. Using glass furniture creates an optical illusion of floating or transparency. Here at City Furniture, we offer beautiful glass pieces. Our pieces, expertly chosen by designer Karey Wright, offer a sleek, space-enhancing solution for any room.


Blending Modern and A Rustic Look

You can mix glass with wood for a warmer look like the Fresno Glass Round Table. The combination of glass's sleek, modern feel with the natural, earthy tones of wood creates a harmonious balance, blending contemporary with rustic charm.


Glass and Modern Fusion

Combining glass with metal brings a sophisticated contrast – the cool, reflective nature of metal complements the transparent, ethereal quality of glass. Such a blend is perfect for contemporary spaces, adding a touch of industrial chic like the Quincy Gray Glass Table.





Coastal Ambiance

Glass paired with natural elements such as rope is ideal for creating a coastal room theme. This combination brings together the smooth, transparent qualities of glass with the organic, textured feel of rope, evoking a sense of the seaside. Such a blend not only adds a nautical charm but also introduces a balanced harmony between man-made and natural materials, perfect for achieving a relaxed, beach-inspired ambiance in any space.


Light and Space Amplified with Glass and Mirrors 

Glass and mirrors not only bounce and reflect light throughout a space, but they also amplify natural brightness and create an illusion of expanded space. This reflective quality enhances the overall feel, making rooms appear more open and airy, and contributes to a dynamic interplay of light and shadow that adds a unique charm to any interior setting.




Glass Accessories

Glass accessories lend a high-end feel to any setting. Their refined appearance, combined with the play of light and transparency, can elevate the overall ambiance, making them an ideal choice for those seeking to add a stylish dimension to their décor.

Artistic Glass

Glass not only adds color, shape, and visual interest but is also considered a form of artwork. Its versatility allows it to be molded into various forms, creating unique pieces that enhance the aesthetic appeal of any space. Whether it's through colorful glass sculptures or intricately designed glass installations, each piece stands out as a testament to artistic creativity and craftsmanship.




About The Author

About The Author

Karey Wright, an Interior Designer with five years at CITY Furniture, combines her love for the unique Provo Collection, her inspiration from God, nature, and travel, and her Jamaican roots to create joyful, transformative spaces. Passionate about organic and minimalistic styles, she finds joy in projects like the Boys and Girls Club of Miami, advocating for timeless foundational pieces in home decor, and can't live without fresh flowers, mirrors, and aromatherapy in her own space.
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