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The bed is arguably the most important part of your bedroom design. Not only does it act as a centerpiece to the room and one of the first things people notice, but it is the one place where you will spend lots of time on a daily basis. Here at City Furniture, we have a wide collection of beds for you to choose from. Let's go over some of the things you should know before making a decision.

Types of Beds

Panel Bed: One of the most popular types of beds, a panel bed is known for its flat headboard and footboard. These beds have a classic look and can work well with a variety of styles.

Sleigh Beds: These beds are a traditional choice with a headboard and footboard that curves to resemble a sleigh.

Wingback Beds: With two side panels on either side of the headboard, wingback beds have a bit of dramatic flair that's undeniable.

Canopy and Poster Beds: Speaking of dramatic flair, step into the world of a canopy bed. Designed to showcase height, four poster beds don't connect at the top while canopy beds do.

Bed Size

Before you decide what size bed you need, consider your needs and the space in your bedroom. A full size bed or a twin bed are perfect for kids or a growing teenager. A queen size bed, the most popular size, is ideal for most adults and has adequate space for two in most cases. With a king size bed, you can ensure that you have enough space for you and your significant other to sleep and lounge comfortably.

Understanding Foundations

A bed frame and foundation are important because they support the mattress and help it keep its shape over time. If you have a platform bed, that’s the lone exception to this rule since platform beds support a mattress on their own with a few slats. A typical bed would need a box spring because the slats won’t be strong enough to support the mattress on its own. The two main types of foundations are standard height (9 inches) and low-profile (5 or 5.5 inches). However, if you’re looking for more options, you can also get an adjustable base. Adjustable beds give you the flexibility to find your most comfortable sleeping position and many include massage options, under bed lighting and other perks.

Other Options

Shopping for a bed presents you with more options than you may realize. With a bed in a box, you can get a mattress shipped to your front door fast with easy setup. Or maybe you want a water bed. With the Afloat mattress here at City Furniture, you can have all the nostalgia of a water bed with updated features. If you need a bed that’s large enough for the entire family to enjoy movie time, look into our Florida King option. Just think about a California king bed… but bigger!