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Audrey Collection

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Whether you’re looking to upgrade your home after a few years or you just moved and you want to decorate for the first time, getting started at CITY is an excellent idea. However, before you can make major progress, you need to decide what style you’re going for as you begin the dynamic overall. Do you want a casual home with neutral colors and comfortable furniture? Or are you seeking something more stunning with beautiful pieces of rustic furniture? No matter the case, we are here to help. When it comes to modern home interior, we will steer you along the right path and save you money in the process.

If you decide that you are attracted to modern style homes, it makes perfect sense for you to emulate this style as you put your home together. Modern interior design involves being strategic and taking calculated risks. Things such as a huge white couch can go a long way in making your modern décor stand out. For an example of modern furniture that works well in any home, check out the Audrey Collection at CITY Furniture. Available in beige, blue and dark gray, this collection shines with a velvet platform bed that’s the ideal centerpiece to any bedroom space. This is the kind of breathtaking add that you won’t regret. In addition to being an absolute head turner, it is also versatile enough to stand the test of time. So as trends come and go, this durable platform bed will remain.

With CITY on your side, all that’s left for you to do is start shopping so that you can bring the Miami modern style you envision to life. Remember to carefully choose your home accents to round out your stunning modern space. Things such as wall art, rugs and accent chairs can go a long way.